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Calling all Boxing Fans

Gatti/Ward III is just a few short nights away. I’m torn on this one. I like both fighters. Gatti is such an animal that it’s impossible not to admire and respect him. Ward is just as sick and he’s also a local fighter. His hometown of Lowell, MA isn’t far from mine. As anyone that saw it knows, the first fight was a brutal masterpiece. Simply amazing. Gatti won relatively easily in the rematch. I don’t think these guys have enough left in them to recreate the first fight (but, then again, that’s a one in a million type fight), but I still expect it to be entertaining. After all, they’re both premiere action fighters. It’s also Ward’s last fight. He’ll want to end his career on a high note and he’s too ballsy to run and hide in order to avoid trouble. He’ll brawl. Arturo obviously will too. I can’t wait.

And I’m going with Gatti by decision.

If Gatti can protect his body, he should be able to win. But if ward lands the body shots, it will be a short night.

I’d like to see Ward go out on top. But I hope he can go without getting hurt. Neither fighter is ever going to be the same after the wars they have fought.

Awww yes, fellow boxing fans…

I’m going with Gatti, he’s a bleeder but I like him and I hope it doesn’t go the distance!

I’ve been a big Gatti fan since 1998, which is amazing because he lost all 3 fights that year - Manfredy and Robinson I and II. But he certainly went out like a fighter.

Yeah, that whole “bleeder” thing can be a problem. Both Manfredy and De La Hoya did a number on him.

But isn’t Ward retiring after this fight? if so, he’s got a lot less to lose than Gatti. I know Gatti wants Mayweather or Kosta Tzyu (sp?) for his next fight.

Yes, Ward is retiring after this fight. As for a possible Gatti/Mayweather fight, I’d like to see that because Mayweather’s fights are terribly uninteresting. Gatti would probably get stopped, but it would at least be interesting to see Floyd engaged in something other than a tactical boxing match.