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Calling All Boxers

Hey guys/gals,

         I want to get into boxing and wanna know where to start.... Where im living for summer there arent any boxing clubs but once I go back to the city for school in september there are a few.  Any tips, places for info etc would be greatly appreciated.... Ive got a heavy bag right now, its just an everlast one not heavy enough but it would do the job this summer. Anyways im at your mercy o wise ones.

I’m not sure if I’m all that qualified to answer your question, but since no one else has said anything, I’ll give you my two cents. Since you can’t get to a gym until fall just worry about your conditioning. Lots on anaerobic work is needed for boxing. If you are in good shape when you get to the gym in September then you will be able focus more on improving your skills because you won’t be as tired.


get familiar with hard interval work and GPP. PM me and i’ll give you a great boxing web site.

Find a gym that is the most run down. Make sure there are people sparring.

No nonsense gyms that cater to weekend warriors and have high monthly fees 70+ are the worst places to learn old-school boxing.

Go to the rough part of the neighborhood, walk in, and tell the trainer you want to fight. Then prepare for some pain.