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Calling All 1811s


As some of you may remember, I am an attorney who has been thinking of a career in law enforcement for a long time. I have been talking to several current and former cops as well as several current and former FBI agents. I just completed my paper work for the FBI and will formally apply in the coming days.

However, I am contemplating applying to other federal agencies as well. To that end, I would love to hear any and all 1811s in any agency (BATF, DEA, FBI) give me a brief rundown of what a typical (I know, no such thing really) week might look like.

One of the things that concerns me about the FBI is a relative lack of actually hitting the streets relative to some of the other agencies. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I am a city cop, so I cant give you first hand knowledge of any Federal positions, but I can relate what I've heard/seen. First, I'm pretty sure DEA is on a hiring freeze right now(and has been for some time). As for FBI, I know ALOT of what they do is behind the desk. A friend works in the Los Angeles office and is assigned to Gangs. You would think that would be a good gig. He says its basically all paper work and wiretaps to build up a case, then you get about 5 minutes of action. Additionally, IMHO, the FBI is hiring pussies. Unless you're going straight to HRT out of the military, they are looking for guys with accountant backgrounds and analysts etc. Not guys who want to get their hands dirty. Again this is just my opinion. Good luck.


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its possible you can get pipelined to fbi HRT if you are coming out of the military?


Pipelined might be the wrong term...depending on your background/qualifications(specops, combat experience), you can apply in two years vice three. You still need to have a BA/BS, as I understand.


Even though I don't post too much, it is possible. Go to this website http://www.fbijobs.gov/116.asp

Scroll down to where it says "Tactical Experience Requirements". It'll tell how you can get the SA experience waived and qualify for the "Tactical Recruiting Program". Which is basically getting pipelined into it.


holy shit. why this has never been brought to my attention i'll never know.

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I am not a 1811 yet, but I am in the middle of the recruiting process for DEA. They were on a hiring freeze for several years from 06 to mid 08 I believe. They got a bunch of applicants back in the pool and are weeding through them now and I believe they have enough to fill their classes for the next year and a half, so they are not accepting applications at this time.

As far as the FBI goes, they are looking for more analysts and chasing paper trails. Very little kicking down doors anymore.

OP, from what I have heard in talking with SS and DEA guys, applying to multiple agencies looks bad in the agency's eyes. This was brought up in my interview so I know it is a concern of the DEA for sure. They would rather see an applicant who has a genuine interest in a specific agency rather than an applicant that just blanket applies to all agencies.

HolyMacaroni, depending on you military experience there are many sweet 1811 jobs available for guys with your background. The most interesting IMO would be CIA or FBI. Some links for you
If you have the background, a paramilitary officer looks pretty badass. I think these are the guys that were in Afghanistan immediately after 9/11 working with the northern alliance and warlords to help us track down Bin Laden.


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HAHA! Its been covered already, but if you've got COMBAT experience, from what my friends are telling me, the FBI is really willing to bend over backwards to have you apply to HRT. The problem HRT is facing is that since the FBI has been hiring a lot of "book smart" guys, its hard for them to select good quality operators from their own pool of bodies. IMO this is the best deal going. I'm not sure of your experience, but I would highly recommend looking into this option. Its kind of like signing up for the ARMY with a Ranger contract. Although if you dont make it, your not obligated to serve 4 years like the ARMY.

Hey formerfatboy, did your background investigator give you any word on when DEA may open hiring back up?


Interesting information, all. This is confirming what I've already begun to suspect, which is that FBI is very paperwork intense relative to the other agencies. Then again, as a civil litigation attorney, ALL that I do is paperwork, so even a little less would be like heaven for me.

Thanks for the heads up about DEA being on a hiring freeze, Bootsie and FFB. I had not heard that at all. It kind of says something about the popularity of the agency, though.

FFB: Thanks for the heads up about applying to multiple agencies. That is the sort of question you can't really ask a recruiter, so thanks for that.

Holy: Glad this thread is working out for you, lol! HRT would be absolutely bad ass, as would paramilitary. I hope something works out for you!


I have no idea when they are going to start taking applications again. I know they are looking to hire around 200 SAs in the next 18 months, but I think they have their pool of applicants going through the recruiting process at this time. That will fill up classes until the end of 2010. My guess would be sometime next year, when have an idea of what their needs will be for 2011+.