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Callers Against Cap and Trade Crash Congress Phone System


I was watching CNN Saturday and a little blip was mentioned that so many people called the phone lines of the congress on Friday that the phone lines actually crashed.

This was buried between the real news of the day like Michael Jackson dying and the other tripe they have on there. Amazing how this was buried in the news and even when it is reported it becomes a "A coordinated conservative push to kill a climate change bill."


Somehow I suspect that if it had been Gore-ites that produced so many telephone calls, that would have been worthy news that would just HAVE to be reported.


They'll ramrod this through just like they ramrodded another bill through, despite massive public dissent. They do not serve our interests. Especially now that Franken has been confirmed and they have their supermajority.


Exactly. They're pushing this through the way they did the so called stimulus bill because the more people that get wind of what it's about, the more people there will be against it. They don't want anyone to find out what's in it. The media won't oppose obama on anything either. They're using MJ's death as a distraction of what people should be hearing about.


Goldman Sachs will make a lot of money on the trades involved, so it is very hard for their little puppets in Congress to vote against the bill.


Plus -- the above is of course not all there is to it -- it's such a huge tax increase, which is something the Congressmen who voted for it simply adore, and it gives so much new power to the government: another adored feature.

Talk about a bill that is win-win-win!


I saw the news talk about this too, how Wall Street is just waiting for this to go through, and they are salivating as they wait.


There ought to be term limits for people in congress just like the president. Some of the guys that came up with the bill and voted for it have investments in alternative energy so of course they would push for it. There is also a lot of money to be made in the trading which will funnel back to mainly the democratics in congress.


Well, while that might be a good idea, it could not be a cure-all or anything like it, as personal opinion.

I said when Obama was elected that the fundamental problem was not Obama, but that we had reached a condition where 51% of voters would actually vote for him. That really is the fundamental thing, not the particular person elected.

It seems to me the same with Congress. The fundamental problem is not the individual Representatives per se, but that we have reached a state where in most districts, most voters actually vote for such as Barney Frank et al.

Simply removing the individual Congressman isn't going to change the fact that in the districts in question, the electorate has become such that they actually vote for such cretins. There would be no reason to expect that their replacement would be less cretinous.

It is true that there could be some improvements in process, though, such as ending gerrymandering and returning selection of Senators to state legislatures.


Hopefully this will NOT pass the senate like it did the house. Shame on these politicians!


I agree 110%. Why have term limits on the president but not the representatives? They should be consistent. It is a shame the way that being a politician has become a lifelong occupation for some to the detriment of this country.