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Caller ID Spoofing


I know we have a lot of technically savvy people here so I pose the following question: Can harassing Caller ID spoofing be traced? I called AT&T and they say they don't have the ability. Does LEO?


What do you mean by harassing caller ID spoofing? Is this similar to ass-to-mouth?



My buddy works at a sub shop that does deliveries and over the course of three months three drivers were robbed by people placing orders from 'spoofed' numbers and asking for deliveries to abandoned/for sale houses.

Those same people (the robbers) had been pulling that shit in at least four different towns/cities around where I live for about six or seven months before they stopped. They would hit places like Dominos, Papa Ginos, mom & pop shops, etc... one was eventually caught because he tried robbing a batshit crazy delivery guy who fought back and the other two are in jail for different offenses.

I would think that if your run-of-the-mill LEO could figure it out those cats would've been busted much sooner. While I'm sure there's a "way" to do it, it is probably beyond the scope of most PDs resources.


Any telecommunications company should be able to trace a phone call using the satellite/repeater triangulation system. Not all companies offer that service to the public though and I guess they got the orders to tell people that they can't do it (so people don't buy the service to check where husband/wife is and stuff).


My guess is depends on who on the LEO chain wants to know. A regular cop - doubtful. A higher-ranking government agency - probably.

Did MassiveGuns get your number or something?


I am pretty sure the FBI does not have a problem with this.




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i actually responded to another thread about something like this, not sure if you saw it. it was about my friend calling me but it would show as someone else, send texts etc etc and i knew it was him he wouldnt admit it. told him an elaborate story about tracing the number and it stopped the next day haha. the whole story is in that thread, ill try to find it.

edit: found it. http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/music_movies_girls_life/ever_feel_like_a_thread_killer_43?id=4619705&pageNo=37 about half way down the page-ish



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You should just give a shout to tribunaldude. He probably will tell you the name, SSN, phone model of the perps and throw in which hand they used to dial the number too, for a good measure. :smiley: