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Call the Police...




LOL I can't believe i watched that as a kid. I loved that show.

I guess that would fit nicely in this thread:



created a generation of disturbed children


One of the best cartoons ever.



And agree again. No kid would knock on a stranger's door unsupervised after watching that.


I just had an epiphany. Thank you.


It seems strange, but imitating this doesn't go too well when the Girl Scouts are trying to sell cookies.

Trust me.




I never got that show. Still don't.


Greatest cartoon ever.


And greatest super hero ever.


My son is falling in love with Ren and Stimpy, now. It brings tears of sick and twisted joy to my eyes.


Here's another good one:


I bought the complete unedited box set of Ren & Stimpy a few years ago. Some great stuff never seen on TV there... like the one where a huge dude on the toilet uses Ren as toilet paper.



I need to get that.


I'll see you one disturbed childhood and raise you a giant WHY/HOW IS THIS MEANT FOR CHILDREN?!?!? WTF

I was raised on this.


LOVED Ren and Stimpy!

Remember the one where Stimpy, as Dr. Stupid, creates a machine that separates Ren into the two opposites sides of his personality?

unfortunately, instead of having a good and evil side, Ren has only a evil and apathetic side!

with no "good Ren" to counteract "evil Ren", Ren goes on to clone himself into an army and takes over the world while his lethargic apathetic side just lays on the couch not giving a damn about anything.

the Nazi imagery in that episode was fearless...lol


Where did you get it ID? Amazon? I think I discovered what I want for my birthday this year.


The fuck did I just see? Am I to infer that this show was about rabbits mauling each other and getting mauled by every other creature in existence?

I did love Ren and Stimpy. Can't say I liked the new ones on Spike, though.


It's been a while and I can't be sure... but it most likely was Amazon or DeepDiscountDVD.com.

By the way, you GOTTA look at this: