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Call the Police on My Brother?


Ok well my brother has a serious drug problem. He has a heroin and cocaine problem. And over the last year or so the asshole has been stealing from my familly. I've occasionally had money missing from my room. He stole jewelery from my mother multiple times. He even sold the tv in his room for money. But my parents are idiots and do not do shit to help the problem.

Also when my dad yells at him over stuff he trys to start fights with him. My dad is almost 60 years old now and I am afraid if im not around to intervene my brother will beat him up. And then i will end out beating the shit out of my brother and getting arrested too.

I thought I had been hiding my money pretty good since then. I had 80 dollars underneath my monitor. Then today I wanted to go buy something and i see that its gone.

Like I am pretty sick of this and think i should probably call the police and explain it all to them. What will they do anyway? Opinions?


Stick it in his pooper?


Confront him. That dude needs rehab bad. Seriously, you need to lock him up until the drugs are out of his system. You don't want your brother reduced to sucking dick for that shit.

He will end up in big trouble or dead if you don't do something about it now. If you love your brother, you will help him break his addiction.




I sure hope he isn't mixing his coke with the heroin. Guy that used to work for my dad would mix a lil coke into his heroin and shoot up. It caused him to have a heart attack on multiple occasions and I think he gets seizures every now and then...it's amazing he is alive.

Think of it this way...that guy isn't your brother anymore so you have to do whatever it takes to protect yourself and your family. Once that is taken care of try and get him some help. You may just ask a cop or go down the the police station and see if they have any good suggestions for rehab/programs to get him in.

While you don't want your brother living on the street you either can't have him at the house or you all need to start locking your shit up and confront him.

Personally, I'd get a couple of friends and beat him up a lil bit so he is compliant then take him to a rehab facility...either that or lock him up in a room until he gets the shit out of his system. He isn't your brother until he gets off that shit.


LOL! There's a good example of that line genuinely making me laugh.

To the OP, that's a tough situation you're in. He clearly needs help and rehab at this point. I'm assuming you've tried confronting him about it it? If you have and it didn't work, then perhaps it's time for some tough love.


Yep he needs an eye opener. D00d he ripped you off. He thinks your a chump and will put up with it. He is obviously a skinny little junky. Stomp his head cause he needs it(if you love your brother you will do it).

Then tell him to leave the house and the family cause he is not going to change till he is clean. You can't force someone into rehab. They will just play along till your not looking and your back to square one. Trust me I know I am a recovered junky 13 years clean.


Snitches get stitches.


Your brother has a heroin probelem, is messing with your 60 year old father and you are worried about your money???

Kick your bros ass (do not get blood on youself) and put him in rehab if he will not go than put him in jail.


Put his ass in rehab. A drug addict can recover, but they can't get anywhere in life with a drug conviction on their record. The 'War on Drugs' only benefits criminals(black market sales, cartels, gangs etc) and the criminal justice system that uses drug offenders as slave labor to the private corps that run some prisons.


do it, ive talked to recovered drug addicts before... they're always thankful for the help they received and absolutely disgusted with what they did when they were addicted.


dont call the police on him
most likly they wont do anything anyways.
if you live in the same home then they may say its a civil issue and you need to sue him.
he needs to be confronted.
stop trusting him,and ship his ass off to be helped.

the guy is sick and thats the bottom line.
hes not a criminal,the actions are because of the drugs and not of his own.
help him get away from the drugs.


By your logic if his dealers said kill some 1st graders then he should not be held accountable for his actions. I suggest that you STFU and speak about something that you have first hand knowledge about.

I have been a junky(yes that means heroin) and yes there were things I never did. Steal from family was one. So yeah you have some choices. He is choosing what path he is going to take. Live life or not.

He is choosing not too. So you don't have to watch. Anything else and your enabling him to be a junky longer and to hurt your faimly.


Well said, 12 cents an hour will make him realize how much better off he will be being drug free.








Most likely it wouldn't be a drug conviction depending on how it was reported, it would be best for him to get his brother on theft charges a good Judge who knows the story will likely give him 3-6 months serving 1 to 1.5 months with the balance suspended upon completion of a Chemical dependency treatment program then commuted to Parole/probation.


Get him on that tv show Intervention. Is that even still on? Don't bother calling the cops. It would be better to kick him out of the house. The sooner he hits rock-bottom the better.


Oh Mak, you make me laugh too.

About the sticking it in his pooper thing. In the context of this thread, that would give a whole different take on the scared straight thing, wouldn't it?