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Call Out: TMuscle vs BB.com

Yes indeed, yes indeed. Fellow T-Nation’ers gather round. We have ourselves another call out. The nature of this particular abomination involves a feud with an out of house player named Julian. There is a lot to know about this guy but firstly I’ll have you know that he received his training foundations from BB.com, squats with his shoes on and is a self proclaimed personal trainer… 'nuff said.

After a series of comments he made to me in the gym I suggested we do a call out online to see who has the better physique. He graciously agreed, being very confident that he being ‘ripped’ would win and me being ‘fat’ would lose.

Below will be the first series of pictures. I was going to post the pictures celtic style (side by side) but thought against it.

One of us is 150lbs and the other is 220lbs. We’re both the same height…it might be hard to tell which one is which.







It’s a tie!!

You both lose…

If by better physique you mean more aesthetic and probably more likely to get laid by highschool girls, he wins.
If by better you mean who is stronger, and has more muscular development you win.
If by win you mean which of you isn’t slightly homo for arguing over who has a better body, then asking guys online to rate said bodies so that you can finally end a pointeless debate, then I say you both lose.

So my assessment stands. It’s a tie.


[quote]WolBarret wrote:

Took the words right out of my mouth.

So remember. All we are looking for is an honest opinion of who has a better physique. Maybe a tip here or there. I explained to Julian that people on this site are really passionate and knowledgeable about working out.


all of those -poses- suck

i am not going to inflate any ego here

first kid is small and doesn’t have enough muscle on his body to be referred to as “ripped”

andrew, your back pose sucks. Do you deadlift/row heavy or just do a bunch of shrugs and lat pull downs?

You’ll need to take off those shorts to get an honest opinion from me.

Deadlift 1 to 2 times a week. 1RM @ 465
Kroc Rows 110lbs X 20.

So I figured some of you would get a kick out of this. When I jokingly suggested the callout and he agreed I stuck with it. The potential was there.

Haha the other kids back pose is worse though, Looks like he just got punched in the middle of the back or something. LOL


Be careful you’re starting to look a lot like Celtics…

Looks like I have to save you from yourself.

I’m not even convinced the first kid works out.

You win, but it is sort of weird that you starting to show a trend of bringing real life disputes on here, with pics.