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Calizaghe/Lacy Boxing Lesson


Anyone see the boxing lesson Joe Calzaghe gave Lacy?
Wow What a fight.


Certainly did. A fantastic bout and i thought both fighters performed very well. Calzaghe not only out-boxed him, but was able to keep hitting hard, fast and often until the end of the last round.

Lacy ended up just taking a pounding by round 10 and i thought the ref should have stopped the fight.

Basically a very good match..not this 5-round bullshit that fat fucks like Audley Harrison keep doing.


I saw the fights beforehand, most were excellent, espicially the unification fight.

I saw highlights of the "lay down lacey" and calizaghe fight.

He looked fresh and sharp all the way through, especially with that 10 punch unanswered flurry towards the end.

Pure Class.

Upto to light heavy weight then

Do you think he has enough in him?


I didn't see the fight, but I'm not surprised Joe won. I am a bit surprised that he seemingly dominated Lacy so easily. Hopefully this will mean more big fights for him.


I have to agree with you. Calzaghe has great hand speed does he not? One of the fastest fighters i have ever seen!
Brandon Green


Calzaghe was nothing short of inspiring. He absolutely dominated Lacy with his hand speed and was brilliant at tying up that left arm. I think we'll be hearing a lot more from Joe C.


Hopefully Joe will get the winner of Hopkins-Tarver... and by this I mean hopefully he'll get to fight Tarver after he KO's Hopkins.