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Calisthetics for Basketball.... Help..?


Hi, i am a 183 lb 6 ft 2 basketball player. i play a shooting gaurd/point gaurd. i am pretty fast compared to most gaurds my size and agile and strong also... the added bulk and strength over the summer has helped me big time.... ive lifted for about...6 months now... triaing for mass and msucle and strength.. and ive seen results.. now i want to get more in basketball game type shape.. i feel maybe doing calisthetics may be useful to me as a basketball player, using my bodyweight for things such as squats pushups and situps.

do any of you reccomend doing this? what types of gains will i get? speed? strength? agility? quickness? as far as physically.. will i get more cut.. and lean? please tell me if yuou know what your talking about... what the positives and negatives would be to this?also... ive been getting bad lower back pain and i feel maybe its from always lifting hard for mass alot over the past 2-3 months.. and maybe im paying the price now, so maybe something like this could be beneficial? please type all your thoughts and advice. thanks again, this will really help me. thanks again. I just turned 18 by the way.. if this means anything.

Also maybe give me an example of a good calisthetic program and what types of excercises to do. thanks again.


Check out GPP ASAP:



So you want to get in better "basketball game shape" huh???

Okay, I can help you. But pay attention. This is going to get very, very complicated.

Are you ready???




Im talking strength quickness and endurance and agility wise....Puts.


heh, seriously, playing ball will help... but i guess you already got practices.

I think you should focus more on your back pain. maybe your squat/deadlift form isn't that sound.

I dunno how serious your problem is, but a few years ago, I went through a few months where my legs sometimes went numb when i jumped. ego-lifting was my biggest problem for my back.

if it's not just soreness, you need to have that checked, or at least find out where it's coming from. it may go away if you stop lifting heavy, but it'll come back when you start again.


So you think a good "calisthetic program" will get you strength, quickness, endurance, and agility???

Do you even know what calisethenics are? Noticed I spelled it correctly with an 'n' not a 't'.



Plymetrics, plyometrics, and more plymetrics....

They have upper body plyo's too, there done with a medicine ball. They are fantastic.

I personally love deadlifts too as well. Nothing will get you in kick ass, strong as fuck shape to drive the lane and slam into people the way deads doo. And deads won't wear your arms out the way pressing movements do, so you can keep them up during the season.

Upperbody strength will translate into lower body quickness. remember, you run with your arms as well. There is a reason why most skinny boys shoot terribly come 4th quarter - there arms are worn out.

And don't be afraid to add a little bulk, but I would be carefull though your walking a fine line. You can increase your strength dramatically by gaining as little as 10 pounds, as long as its lean muscle tissue. Depending on your starting weight though.


get your back checked out. i injured mine when i was a freshman in high school playing football, hurt it again when i was in the Army, and just tried to work around it and correct it. now, i have random incidents where i have back spasms for a day or two and can't even walk-literally.

your spine is nothing to mess with-especially when you're looking at begining your season...