I can’t go to the gym, you know a good calisthenics routine? (including legs of course

Train M/W/F with the goal of doing:

20x20 Push-Ups
25x25 Sit-Ups
10x10 Pull-Ups
20x15 Dips
20x20 Bodyweight Squats

Rotating the exercises for each set. Obviously, start small and add sets till you can get all of those sets above.

Add running and/or swimming if you want.

Also, Corey Gregory’s (of Muscle Pharm) thing on doing lunges. That cat does lunges for a mile on a track. I think that is pretty awesome.

A few fairly cheap ebooks to consider:

Paul Wade - Convict Conditioning
Al Kavadlo - Pushing The Limits
Ross Enamait - Never Gymless

Check out Brooklyn Tank on Instagram/Youtube

I thought these looked really cool.

also grab a copy of jailhouse strong by josh bryant

It doesn’t have to be complicated, just focus on doing variations of pushups, pullups, dips, and pistol squats.