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Calisthenics While Away from the Gym

Hey every one!
Im a beginner who works on a barge line. I typically work 4 weeks on 4 weeks off.(but sometimes ill ride 6-10weeks) While im away I always lose strength. To the point where it takes my first two weeks while home to get back to where I was.
Because of this I purchased a pullup/dip rack which ill take with me to the boat so I can train while im there. Other than pulls/chins/dips are there any other upper body movements i should focus on or will those be sufficient for some growth.

Push-ups and handstands.

Is there enough room on the boat to do sprints?


No but we do have a treadmill which I use for Liss. If i run at all while im here I dont have the stamina to perform all of the physical labor my job demands

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If you can bring the rack thing why not grab a couple heavy dumbbells or some cheap adjustable dumbbells? (Like titan fitness)

One or two kettlebels would also be a good idea

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This would always be my go to for training with limited equipment. Depending on how you have to get the buggers there of course.

You can get alot from high volume air squats and pushups. If its your only option, why not?

Just one.


Pushups and pushup variations, add those in my dude. Just basic squats.