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Calisthenics to Increase Daily Energy Expenditure?

On a typical week i lift 3x and maybe one run session, but I’d like to cut some weight over the long term. To increase calories burned per day I was thinking of spreading out bodyweight movements throughout the day (push-ups rows squats beck bridges etc). Ideally I would add 3 conditioning 30-60 min sessions on top of 3 weight sessions, but with my schedule that probably won’t happen.

What’s wrong with eating a little less?

Even if you do loads body weight movements they aren’t gonna burn a significant amount of calories. Probably looking at a Pizza will get you more calories then you’d burn doing all them calisthenics. A calisthenic circuit is a better option but still doesn’t burn much.

Unless you’re not very strong or inexperienced in lifting the body weight exercises will do nothing for you except interfere a little with your actual lifting. Impairs recovery, adds fatigue and fucks with you stimulus recover adaption curve.

What’s the point of being strong_runner if you don’t run a few times a week? If you don’t have 10-15 mins once or twice a day you’re one busy dude in which case just lose weight through diet.

Yes, I’ve been eating less but I don’t want to cut too much and have strength plummet. I’ll just have to take it day by day, get in 3-4 workouts and eat clean.

My user name is a bit of a misnomer. I’ve grown to dislike running in suburbs/sidewalk., and there are no mountains nearby and trails are a far drive.

If you want to burn a few extra calories I would suggest walking. Weight training should be to get stronger/put on muscle. I would not add anything that is going to effect my training. That takes priority.

tack on one of these below to your workout and check out Alpha/Brians logs in the trianing log section…

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Good ideas. I really like the idea of giant sets (part 2 of that video series)

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Find a sport you like and play it competitively

yep, the giant sets alone will shred you down asap