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Calisthenics Programming

I have a pull up bar and a set of rings. Currently I do 3 full body workouts a week but I’m not seeing any real improvement in the amount of reps I can do, been stuck at the same amount for a few weeks
I do all the sets to failure.
Chin up negatives
Inverted rows using rings
Ring push ups
Ring tricep extensions
I do 5 sets and do it as a circuit with 3-5 min rest
I’ve been considering switching to push pull split. So mon - push, Tue - pull wed - off Thurs - push Friday - pull.
Wondered if just focusing on one group each day would be better.

Push/pull split workouts for bodyweight training is pretty useless… Take advantage of the full body routine.

One issue I see is training til failure. Training to failure is more experienced after some advancements in strength have been made along with variations.

Pyramid or ladder style workouts can help increase strength through volume. It’s also a good way to break through plateaus.

Not sure why you are resting 3-5 minutes… I assume it’s because you’re working each set to failure and trying to recoup for the next set…?

There’s tons of ways to improve on the amount of reps and volume you’re doing. The pyramid or ladder style workout along with utilizing a goal number of reps and completing it in as little sets possible. You can also use a certain amount of reps and increase the sets… Anywhere between 3-8 sets depending on your strength level and endurance.

Also supersetting movements can help you. Such as Dips/pull ups or pushups/pullups (or rows) back to back. Also utilizing horizontal and lateral movements…

As far as your exercises of choice, not sure I agree with it.

This is my current routine. My main goal is volume and as long as I’m consistent I will grow stronger, maybe get some size, and build endurance.

100 Prisoner Squats

100 Pushups -

25 decline
25 regular
25 incline (feet elevated)
25 diamond

Double resistance band rows (I like resistance bands for this, hits back just like seated rows at the gym)

DB curls
DB upright rows

Ab work

My goal is to continue pumping out 100 pushups and each week slowly start to increase the reps. Volume will go up, sets will stay the same. I only rest 30-45 seconds between sets and 60 seconds between exercises.

There’s so many good ways to find routines and build your own. You can also do every minute on the minute workout.

Stick with the staples of BW training: Squats, pushups, dips, pull/chin ups. That’s all you really need and there’s variations of each to make it harder and hit different muscles.

3-8 sets ; anywhere between 8-20 reps depending on exercise. Then you can start moving on to weighted stuff…

This is just my input. The routine above is my current routine, I hit every muscle and it challenges me.

Good luck!

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I also use resistance bands for rows, the contraction is awesome, and you can do them explosive
Also, thry band deadlifts and squat variations.

They’re also great for adding resistance to pushups. Definitely a great tool to add to calisthenics.