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Calisthenics Program to Supplement MT Training

Currently train Muay Thai 2-3 days a week. I am looking around for a basic calisthenics program that gets progressively more challenging.

Hopefully it can include pistol squats, handstand Push-ups, and flag varieties.

Main goal is to retain and perhaps build a bit of lean mass that I’m slowly losing doing my MT Training. Barbell work is just a bit too much to recover from at the moment.

Happy to provide other details if needed, thanks guys.

Oi Conor McGregor

Credit Card Number, Expiry Date and dem security digits pls. Also ur deadlift max while you’re at it.

Here’s some and their progressions/regressions:

Archer Squat

Front Lever
Dragon Flag
Human Flag

Back Bridge

Pull Ups/Chin Ups
Rope Climbs
Muscle Ups
1 Arm

Hand Stand Push Up
Push Up/One Handed/Clapping
Superman Push Up
Dips w/weight

Um nope, nope, nope and probably somewhere around 3 plates.

Thanks for the list of exercises but I’m looking for a program with numbers and progression and all that good shit that I’m too lazy and stoopid to write up.

Is calisthenics mane. Do a variation you can, do more of that to get a nice training effect, progress to the next variation and repeat. Full body everyday ez. That’ll be $10 thnx

You can build mass using bodyweight exercises, but it will probably be too taxing for your joints.

If you decide on that route, your best bet for upper body is EDT. 20 minutes of as many strict form pullups and dips as time allows, with the goal to increase the number of reps by at least one rep next workout.

Don’t forget to add some rotator work afterwards and you’re set, assuming you recover for MT

Yeah I’ll definitely be bringing my band to the park to do some pull aparts and face pulls.

EDT ay… I’ve been looking into tracking ‘total tonnage lifted’ in a session and I guess this train of thought fits perfectly.

Looks like imma have to sketch out my own program. What’s the worst that could happen… :joy: