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Calisthenics for Core in BB Split?


It's "possible" to add some calisthenics movement to build stronger abs/core in an 4days-upper/lower bodybuilding split??
I already do L-sit in the lower day with no problem, but for the tuck planche and the front lever (these ones are more difficult for me, actually I am not able to do front lever now :D) maybe there's too upper body involvement that can constrast with the upper body rest. Does someone train like this??


Stop trolling.


I am not trolling. I think that some calisthenics exercises strengthen the core more than other ab exercise(and calisthenics are more fun also). However, you can judge this idea whatever you like..
This video make me think it's possible :smiley:


You keep saying "calisthenics", but I think you're talking about gymnastic moves. Calisthenics usually refers to any bodyweight exercise, including push-ups, pull-ups, and squats.

There have been quite a few threads talking about how to incorporate some gymnastic-type moves into a general routine. I know Thibaudeau is or was an advocate of it not too long ago. Some searching the site should bring up some info. Also, check here:


thank you!


Most calisthenics don't do all that much for strengthening the core, especially not to the degree that it would help for Front Levers or Planches. Like Chris said, if you want to build up the strength specific for those movements, you're going to get far better results training with specific Gymnastic Strength Training elements.


I am going to add L-sit and Dragon flag on the abs day


Cal are great for body they will help you keep gain when you stop training . Also starting to workout after a lay off from gym doing cals you will come not feel like your to out of it .all I do is cal and I'm 250 haven't touch a weight in 7-8 years if I go back to gym to lift its over cals are. The best .