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Calisthenics for 6 Months, Progress Slower Than What is Normal

Would be new to me that you have to give real effort. Which means very high 1rm.
I am not doing powerlifting with 90% 1RM.
I went often to failure. Almost every set.

ok bulldog. so form isn’t relevant for my problem.

People on t nation also say stuff.
Goal is muscle, muscle, muscle, that is my main wish.

Wish in one hand and shit in the other. See which hand fills up first…
…Or work for it and you will be rewarded.

Food for thought.


Idk man, the guitar is SO much harder haha.


Then you’ve misread every piece of lifting literature in your life. You have intensity, volume, and frequency. You can’t completely check out on any of them, least of all (imo) intensity.

Then you didn’t read the RR. It explicitly tells you NOT to go to failure often. That’s a core component of all calisthenics training. Training to failure has a much higher chance of injury than nearly all types of lifting weights.

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then you should be lifting weights, not doing calisthenics… lol.

dude, your attitude is terrible. Hopefully everyone else is seeing this too. You’re just whining. Hard work and proper eating works for EVERYONE. You’re either not working hard, eating well, or both. Period. I’m out.


I’m indoctrinated as shit about calisthenics though. Dips to force chest mmc and learning to use lats right with chins were like weird epiphany moments for me

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They’re certainly helpful, and a great part of a full program, but a lot of folks flock to bodyweight training because they’re too cheap to get a gym membership or have too much anxiety to be in public, and both mentalities tend to bode poorly for achieving physical greatness.

All that said, none of this is complicated. Dumb people have gotten jacked for decades. It’s mind blowing.


that means i am am not dumb :slight_smile:

This sentence would be more convincing if you used capital letters and punctuation.

That said, no, it would actually mean you are dumber than those people if you can’t figure it out. I can’t even fathom what sort of approach led you to this conclusion.

Start lifting weights. Run Jon Andersen’s Deep Water program. You will gain muscle muscle muscle.


No. It means you were using the incorrect exercise. If you were only capable of doing 2 chins per session, you weren’t ready for chins, and should have been performing higher reps of the lesser exercise.

I’m starting to think you didn’t even read RR…

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I read it. I also read where you said you stopped training.

Since you’re not dumb, do you know what verb you would employ if you were to begin an activity?

Run the program I told you to run. It will work. You can get the e-book with the program in it for free if you search google.

I was doing negatives though? From 5 to 12 rep range
I didn’t do 2 full chins for 6 months.I started much easier as stated in the RR. I was doing negatives. The 2 is just an example of how much i was able to do.

The way you scale negatives is with lowering speed, not necessarily reps. The goal is time under tension and reinforcing the movement. How long were you taking to lower yourself from the negative? Should have been at least 4-5 FULL seconds per rep

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This feels like one of your issues right here.

Can you do a single chin up?

If want to do bodyweight only for the sake of it, get a copy of Josh Bryant s ‘Jailhouse strong’.

If really want all out muscle just run through programs off this site. Start off with something by Dan John or Waterbury

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Dips and chins are extremely useful. I implement them regularly in my own training. I’m doing pull ups at least twice a week at the moment, no dips currently given my pec issue. But I’ve always liked them as a quality assistance lift.

Buuuuuut that’s in the context of a comprehensive lifting program. Those lifts are helpful, but they aren’t packing on ‘muscle muscle muscle’… lol. I also don’t know of any ways to build serious leg size with calisthenics. There’s only so far you can get with GHR’s and pistol squats. If calisthenics was an efficient way to build loads of muscle, bodybuilders would have embraced that by now. Bodyweight training alone is just so limiting. Why do that, when incorporating it WITH weightlifting is an option? And I’m not directing this at you specifically Pfury, but more towards the OP. His approach is just so nonsensical at every turn.


Oh definitely. When people make the mistake of asking me for training advice (with no history) I tell them to spend 3-6 months doing calisthenics at home consistently. You end up weeding out the ‘no try’ crowd before they go dumping money into a gym membership they won’t use. Nobody is going to regret 25 bucks on a pull up bar.

Nothing you can really do. Even when I was doing calisthenics and very little weights I still had a day of squats and lunges every week.

I actually think pistol squats are borderline worthless for leg work. The learning curve, loading issues, etc all just make it a nightmare to do real work. Least it was for me

Yes. 4 seconds was the mininmum I was doing per rep

You were capable of 4x12 in negatives with a 4 second lower and still can’t do more than 2 chins in a session?

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