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Calisthenics for 6 Months, Progress Slower Than What is Normal

I did the bwf rr.
183cm and 80kg.
Diet is good. Sleep is good. To be honest everything is good.
Still after 6 months I could do only 2 chin ups, per session. 3 x week.
I don’t think you need the exact routine. 3x5-12 was the range. Basic beginner exercises like inverted row, assisted dips and so on. People on the subreddit said, that in the videos I do not look like I give everything.
And for defense and a very important possible HINT: Before that I tried weights. Progress here was also a lot slower than what is normal. I showed form videos and progression stats to a forum. They said: “You look like you can lift a lot more.” But i can’t lift more than what I showed. This seems very strange.

Thank you.

Hey welcome to the forum.

I think it would be nice to know what your diet and sleep look like, as well as what your program looks like.

You’re not remotely overweight so Id expect more pullups/chinups from you. Maybe its a form thing?

How comes you got a new user name?

you haven’t posted any videos on this site previously, unless it was under another name. Did you do that?

It also does us no good if you’ve posted on ‘other sites’. If you want feedback on your videos, post them here. Otherwise you’re wasting our time.

People on the subreddit said, that in the videos I do not look like I give everything.

Can wrong form of resistance exercises lead to very slow strength and size gains?
I cannot find studies for this topic.
Sleep min. 8 hours. Diet:

This was maintenance. 3 months. First 3 months was bulk. 1-2kg monthly.
Reddit’s bodyweightfitness recommended routine is the routine. If I tell what I did that won’t help because the exercises change once you can do one for x reps at 3 sets.

Post a video of you doing chin ups here.

dont have it anymore. and cant do new one bcs. dont train anymore

Okay - I though maybe you’d been on tnation before, gotten advice you didn’t like and then resigned up for a second opinion.

what in the fuck is the point of this thread if you don’t train anymore?

EDIT: nevermind. doesn’t matter. Training isn’t for everyone. Learn the guitar or something instead.


I am always open to continue this, if I know what to change and if that will increase the speed of my progression to a normal speed.

Keep training. Your progression rate will be even slower if you don’t train vs if you do.


A little more specific on what you mean please.
If your asking if certain exercise can be more beneficial over other in developing strength and size. The answer is yes.

That was your first mistake

what is your short term and long term goals?

I have VERY similar stats to you. Something here can’t be correct. I ran the Recommend Routine as my entry into calisthenics.

If you can do 2 chin ups after 6 months of the RR with your (definitely not obese) stats you either have a biological problem building muscle, or didn’t put in the effort.

I hear often that bad form leads to no progress. That’s all I can say.
True or not?

How do I know if I put enough effort in? I think I do.

Yes it will and cause wear and tear over the long haul.

doesn’t sound like no progression?

In the case of the RR, this is not the case. Not to the extent you saw.

Could you have possibly given a single ounce of extra effort? It’s either that or you spent WAYYYY too long on the earlier progressions. The negatives alone should have got you to more than 2 chins at your weight/height.

Fwiw, I’ve got an inch and 10 pounds on you. It was 20 pounds when I started the RR.

oh you will make some progress… until things go to hell and you start getting odd aches and pains.