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Calisthenics Fat Loss Log

I’m on a fat loss journey with calisthenics.
My goal is 6% bodyfat naturally.
I currently weigh 79kg and used to weigh 105kg.
My journey is a bit harder since im on 3 antipsychotics and 7.5mg lorezepam per day, this is because im sensitive to psychosis.
But im still feeling energetic and losing weight.


My calisthenics routine is:
Pullups to failure
Chinups to failure
1 arm hang for time to failure sometimes
Australian pullups to failure
Dips to failure
Diamond pushups to failure
Pushups to failure
Assisted pistol squats to failure

I do this routine 1 to 3 times per day and it’s working great for fat loss.
Im going to add more advanced moves when I get stronger and lighter.

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Went for 15 pullups today but failed.
My max at the moment is 13.

Picture flexed

I got 30 dips today
My goals for now is 50 dips and 1 arm pullup

Ate way too much 2 days in a row.
From today on ill try to eat only 1 magere kwark and dinner.
Today is my first official muay thai lesson starting twice per week which should help me lose weight.
Ive already had a trial lesson and it killed my cardio. I think ive must have burned like 800 calories that hour.

Current physique relaxed and flexed

Got 15 pullups. Goal is one armed pullup

Got 40 dips. Not sure about the form.

Current physique flexed