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Calisthenics Day

Hello Jim,

i thought about joining a local calisthenics group in order to learn and train handstand (pushups), front levers, muscle ups etc. . Their training is once a week (on saturdays) and includes a high volume of all kinds of BW work.

i thought of 2 options for the strength training and would like to know which one, if any, you consider best:


Mobility, Jumps, Throws
Squat 5s PRO fsl5x5
Push/Pull/singlelegcore each 50-100
Prowler/easy conditioning

Mobility, Jumps, Throws
Bench 5sPRO fsl 5x5
Push/Pull/Singlelegcore each 50-100
Prowler/easy conditioning

Mobility, Jumps, Throws
Deadlift 5sPRO fsl 5x5
Press 5sPRO fsl 5x5
Push/Pull/Singlelegcore each 50-100
Prowler/easy conditioning

Calisthenics training


Running the Bodybuilder Template You have once written for the Blood and Chalk series, the one that also is on your website, and then simply adding the calisthenics day on saturday.

Thank you


I really just wanna learn those movements and do some sports outside now that it is summer, i don’t wanna train like this forever. I guess it’ll take me 4 to 5 cycles to learn what i wanna learn.

You might also want to read the book Convict Conditioning it covers progressions to exactly those kinds of moves.

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Thanks for your answer. I simply downloaded a calisthenics app and already run a few progression for different moves, it is fun. As for strength training, since im an idiot i screwed up once again by trying to set PRs while losing weight, so now i injured my other knee, similar to last years injury on the right one. Can’t do none of the main lifts so im simply hitting some BB upperbody wprk once or twice a week at the gym and doing calisthenics twice or 3 times a week.
Super frustrating since my right knee rehabed well and i was back to squatting 315 x 12. I guess ive learned my lesson. Next time i decide to lose fat ill immediately drop down my TM and just do 5s pro, holdong the TM static fpr 2 to 4 cycles until the “cut” is over. Hope im back to regular training in a few weeks, last year it took me 4 months before i could train 531 again.

This is easy to answer:

Do your “base” program with less volume until you know exactly what is happening, how you will react and when you will adapt. Only you know what your base program is. This would be the program that follows your own Training Rules.

And I highly doubt the “bodybuilder” program is your base program, so don’t do that.

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Thank you Jim. I’ll do that once my knee is fine again. What do you think about my current situation?

What would you like to know?

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If you have experiences with knee injuries and maybe with some rehab exercises? What do you think about light leg curs, extensions and presses? Or do you rather recommend letting it rest for as long as it takes to get well?

Not trying to annoy you. Im just frustrated bc everytime i get to a good strength level i get injured bc of something stupid i do, although i really wanna compete in powerlifting. But the only drug free meet i know of in germany is in spring, so i screw it up by injurying myself every summer now for the third time in a row. :frowning:

I have no qualifications to diagnosis and prescribe rehab for Injuries. Front load your rehab and go to an expert (no expert can do these things on Internet). If you are willing to do the work and be patient, you’ll be fine.

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Okay, i’m getting an MRI in an hour or so (side job at a radiology lol). Let’s see wjat the doc says. Thanks

Joint is perfectly okay (cartilage, menisci, patellar tracjing, tendons, ligaments…), just a bit of edema in it. Doc says it’s caused by overuse, and that i should continue to exercise light until it doesnt hurt anymore