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Calisthenics Bodybuilding/Conditioning


I need some advice on how I should continue to build muscles on a bodyweight training program and maintain a relatively fast 2 Mile run. Lately I been putting a lot of decent weight on but I am get slower at running. I never likes running but I have to be a good runner because I’m in the army. Is there any good condition programs I could do besides running? Also I am 5.6, 170lbs and 32 inch waist. About 20% body fat.


To be 100% honest, you just can’t get better at running without running. Training adaptations are very specific. You can improve your ability to breath, but then as soon as your start running your breathing will be fine, but your legs will feel like sludge because they haven’t gotten the muscular endurance adaptations to get better at running. Honestly at 20% bodyfat I would consider trying to maintain as much muscle as possible while shedding a little bodyfat. That will help a lot with running performance.