Calisthenics Added Into Workout

Hello I am getting back into the swing of going to the gym after dislocating my shoulder(its was a akward dislocation and will most likely never dislocate especially if I get more muscle around the joint). But I am going to the gym 4 times a week and saw a few videos the other day of calisthenics someone showed them to me. They were with a guy named hannibal who only does them. And the guys are pretty ripped and can control there body weight really well. If on my day off I add some calisthenics do you think it would be beneficial or not worth my time?

another guy doing them

Sure, just make sure you ease into it.

Don’t go into any of the difficult things they’re doing with weak shoulders that’s for sure. As chris said get into it slowly just practising easy things a couple times a week. Also, don’t let it take over all your training because the basics in the weight room are what’s going to get you stronger and bigger.

Can’t be more awkward than the way I dislocated my shoulder…playing Badminton. But I when I started to rehab my shoulder and get back into the lifting game, I started doing calisthenics like push ups, narrow grip for more stabilization of the shoulder, but not diamond push up narrow. I also did pull ups/chin ups on the machine in the gym that doubles as a dip machine and can assist you by making each rep easier depending on how heavy you set the machine, as the weeks went by I just lowered the weight that was assisting me by 10lbs.

If you have any super light dumbbells or exercise bands work well as well at home, (not sure how long ago you dislocated your shoulder) try doing external rotations and internal rotations with your shoulders to help with the rehab process. Good luck and take your time, you will get back to where you were strength wise but don’t rush it.