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caliper mm question on bodybuilders and fitness models

I know everyone is different and holds their fat differently, but I was curious about this. Does anyone know what a stomach caliper mm reading on a bodybuilder (pro) or a men’s hea
lth fitness model would be? Thanks for any info anyone has.

I keep in touch with the WNBF world champ Dave Goodin by Email and have picked his brain regarding this matter. He is probably the most ripped human being with muscle I have seen. His horizontal skinfold taken 1 inch from the navel is about 3mm contest day, and never goes over 8mm in the off season. BTW, at 8mm my BF according to 3 site Jackson Pollock method is 5.47%. So I would say mens health- your looking at about a 5-6mm ab measurement average. This is based on my experience doing caliper readings for people over the last 6 years. Peace!

I would say between 4-7 mm. A guy I used to work with that competed clocked in at 4 mm. absolutely shredded.

In contest or photo shoot shape, you’ll probably see skinfolds less than 5mm and definately less than 10mm.

Thanks for the info. guys. Don’t really know where else I would have found it.