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Caliper measurements

I have a few questions about caliper measurements I am getting. In the past, I had used the mirror only to judge my BF%. Then about 4 months ago I bought a Tanita scale but it seems very inacurate. The last few weeks I have tried using calipers. Here are the questions I have: 1) I notice the leg and chest measurement going down, but the ab measurement is staying about the same. Is this a typical occurence? 2) Currently, I get 7mm for my leg, 7mm for my chest, and 24mm for abs. Is it typical to get the same measurement for leg and chest? 3) Does the ratio of ab measurement to leg/chest measurement seem about right? This is about 3.4 to 1. I am not sure if it matters to help answer the questions but just in case… I am 38 years old ad 5’9" tall.

Sounds about right to me. I was also, strangely, dropping my thigh and chest measurements first- then they came to an abrupt halt and everything started coming off the abs. So dont worry, soon you will tap into that stubborn ab fat.

Your measurements do not suprise me at all. Very typical male measurements. Eventually if you stick to it long enough, you will tap into that stubborn abdominal fat.