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Caligula: The Movie


Just wondering, is this worth watching?
Or is this the attrocious POS of cinema as Ebert has said.
I have watchd scenes of it, and it seems quite interesting.
What do you think?


I thought it was worth seeing, if only to see what all the fuss was about


I didn't see it, but isn't that movie from 35 years ago?

The historical emperor was a total loon. He even made one of his horses a senator. (Though these days, having a horse be a senator would actually be an improvement.) But I think the movie was just a bunch of soft-core orgy sequences with 70s hippies dressed as Romans. Meh, I'd pass and watch Gladiator again instead.


if you have netflix it is on instant viewing


It's a pretty gay movie.


I remember it being really disgusting. It probably was, back in the days before the internet turned retching into an idle amusement for suburban teenagers until nothing shocks them anymore.


HH why dont you just watch football like the rest of the male population.


i would watch it. why not? it's a strange, somewhat disturbing, movie with gratuitous nudity and violence, but what do you expect from a roman-inspired sexploitation film produced by penthouse? for what it's worth, malcom mcdowell is awesome as caligula.

if you want a hilareous review of the film, check out the cinema snob's two-part review:




This is why I watched it. McDowell is awesome in the deranged lunatic role. :slightly_smiling:


ala clock work orange


if i've learned anything in life, it's that malcolm mcdowell is always awesome.


I attempted to watch it last summer strictly to see what the big deal was. Ended up turning it off like 30 mins in, all I can tell you is that clearly razors of any sort were not on set. Just so much hair, it was heinous.


true. we are talking about a penthouse production from 1979 after all.