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Done a search but couldn't find a thread on this. Does anyone else here watch the show? It's become one of my favorites for sure, very entertaining. Pamely Aldon (Marcy) is hillarious, I was a big fan of hers from Lucky Louie which I would highly recommend as well. David Duchovny is great for his role as well. I'm currently watching season 4, is there anyone else following this?


One of my favorite shows, especially since I'm from CA. Anybody who hasn't watched it should definitely do so, I would just caution you because you'll probably end up watching an entire season in one sitting.


Great Scene!


My favorite show out right now.

That actress chick that hank smashes in the first episode this season is a dime.

Runcle is classic

I really hope they don't try to make this show too serious that is my only fear.


Great show, stories are always great and and has come epic moments all the time.

This season so far looks good, great start.


Pretty decent show all around, though oftentimes I find the dialogue to not be nearly as clever as I'm certain the writers thought it to be when putting it on paper. I've been watching since S1E1, and though I can't quite but my finger on why, I've always considered the show to be playing on a level below what it should be.

David Duchovny is an exceptionally mediocre actor, but in the right roles his dry, oftentimes monotone deliveries come out perfect for the character... I think this is definitely one of those roles (alongside The X-Files, of course, and Evolution).


I love this show, they find some of the sexiest chicks out there and get them to take their top off. I fucking love it.


Though I concede that it is flawed, this is by far my favorite show on TV (in fact, along with Mad Men and Eastbound and Down it is pretty much the only one I watch). Great dialogue (usually), great acting, great music, and hot topless honeys. It is as though someone took Entourage and made it funny and relatively intelligent.


The actress who plays Marcy was the voice of Bobby Hill in King of the Hill.


As I said in another thread: Duchovny's character in Californication = DBCooper


Agreed, it always seems to be operating just shy of greatness, but it's "goodness" is pretty damn high, so I find it highly enjoyable.

And Duchovny is perfect for the part.


That scene in Season 3 Episode 8 where Hank's student and her 2 friends, TA, boss, the dean, the two kids, Karen, Runkle, and that rock star guy all end up at his place for the biggest shit storm ever was awesome. It had me in stitches.


I'm a big fan of the show... me and my roommate would watch like 3 episodes in a sitting before we had to stop to go to sleep, lol. I've only seen the first 2 seasons, and had no idea there was a 3rd season right now so... SWEET!


Four seasons so far, my friend.


damn I gotta get up on mah shit!


Some of the best writing (most clever) that I've seen is from this show, although at times it can get formulaic (duh, as with all shows) and I feel like they're just stretching a lot of material...but then you have some great story lines as well.

I really think the daughter makes the show. She's so critical to a lot of what goes on and her commentary is brilliant.

I love Cokey Smurf!

RB is right with respect to the "greatness" of the show; it's always just shy of it but I also get the impression it doesn't care whether or not it's regarded as "great." The role is perfect for David Duchovny. You guys know that hot student he bangs from his English class is Susan Surandon's daughter, right? She's gorgeous.

It's definitely not painfully mediocre as Entourage was.


I don't find her face that attractive, but god damn she has a hot body.


Haha that shows fun. My roommate and I call it David Duchovny Fucks Everybody.


Just watched it ep 3 of season 4, I'm enjoying it.

What's funny is how David Duchovny has a "sex addiction" in real life and has sought treatment for it. I wonder what it's like for his wife to watch a show where Duchovny plays a guy who can't keep his dick in his pants and is regularly screwing over his TV wife and daughter.


Also, I'm not really all that into Asians, but wow that last chick with Runkle was so hot.