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Californians and New Yorkers


People flee these high tax/high reg libtard states...and then vote for the same stupidity that they fled! You fcking morons, you're as bad as the Muslims who flee hellholes, move to westernized countries and then wear burkhas and want Sharia Law.


"As shown in Table 3, just over 1 million taxpayers and their dependents moved from New York to other states between 2000 and 2007. Florida was the most common destination, favored by over 30 percent of New York migrants, followed by New Jersey, Pennsylvania and North Carolina in that order. A total of 45 states, plus the District of Columbia, gained taxpayers at New Yorkâ??s expense during the period, as illustrated in Figure 3. Two of the five states from which New York gained migrantsâ??Illinois and Michiganâ?? sustained net migration losses almost as severe as New Yorkâ??s, as measured by the Census Bureau (see Table 1 on page 2.)"


Dumb fcking people...at the least the Muslims are mostly uneducated barbarians.


Two of my favorite places NYC and Cali, can it get any better :slightly_smiling: both places have more in common than you mention both are a mass of humanity like no other in America , one is the 10 largest economy in the world and NYC has to be a World class city


I wonder which of the two you mention is a "World Class city."


I would think it an easy guess , one is a City the other a State


Let me fix that for you.


max I love how you self deprecate with CA. We are the proverbial whore who gets used and abused over and over and asks for more of the same. We are the whore who pays the john. But let's not offend. We would rather go broke in an effort to not offend or protect our interests, than to be seen as a standard, regular entity who has laws and rules to follow.


Have you read much about the Texas economy?



This is single handedly, the biggest cluster-fuck of a government ever assembled. Some quick facts...

  • Just a few months into the Fiscal Year, we are already over $500 Million in the red.

  • Dems want to remove the voter initiative (laws being passed with voter signatures and then put on a public ballot).

  • Dems want to give PUBLIC tax money to illegal alien college students.

  • Dems agreed to spend over $700k for a wheelchair ramp. Yes, just a 10 foot ramp.

We have a chance to get some of these bums out when the new districts are drawn, some of the most worthless incumbents will be vulnerable.


this leads me to believe that the people in these two areas are decieved into thinking that the liberals that they keep voting for have the solutions.....LIBERAL MEDIA TO THE RESCUE!

Sometimes you just wanna give up. You want the day to come where everyone is unemployed and starving because from what is happenening, this seems to be the only way out.


What bugs me is liberals who fuck up their state, then move into my area, and vote for the same shit that made them flee their home state.

My state is no prize but I DO NOT WANT all that crap here. Liberals turned a beautiful state into a bankrupt money grabbing unioned thug state and a similar thing for NY.

Just like the Muslims -- if the philosophy is going to come with you, DON'T COME!!!


I feel like you stole this idea from one of my posts in another thread...


No , I have not read much , I have spent a little time in TX. I like it , but it does not rival Cali or NYCity for humanity . I love people :slight_smile:


That's one thing that HASN'T worked here, Liberal media has tried to win over the people, but they aren't having any of it. They try and try, but no one is buying into it, even the tree-huggers.

When the issue of extending taxes came up, the Union slobs started their whole "the sky is falling" campaign if taxes were not extended. They protested, they threatened, they pouted, they insulted, but the voters would not budge. When it came time for the vote, they were voted DOWN by a better than 2 to 1 margin, in what is considered a pretty Democratic state. This meant massive cuts to education and social programs, and there is more of that to come.

The people have had enough, even left leaning tree-huggers. What seems to be happening, is that we here in Cali are now seeing the effects of a Left leaning agenda (global warming laws, high taxation, high social entitlement programs, poor schools, etc) and it seems that people are really fucking tired of it.

After the new districts take effect, more than a dozen incumbents are vulnerable, and we are going after them. There is a Conservative swing in California right now, our state legislature has a single digit approval rating, because so many jobs left the state from taxation and regulation. It seems the same folks screaming about Global Warming, are now more concerned with making their mortgage/rent payment for the month.

Also, with the new districts, California becomes less effective in Washington DC (a very good thing) because you don't want this level of Liberal bullshit anywhere near you.


Curious where in Texas you've been. El paso and Austin, for example, are worlds apart. I will say I've had a blast in Manhattan, but the prostitution, homelessness and multitude of scam artists made for an apalling show of humanity.


I am from Texas so I am biased, but I spend my time in the US when I come back between TX and CA.Of course I've spent a lot more time in the former than the latter, but I've spent enough time in CA (months in total) to get a feel for the state. I can unequivocally say that the level of pure, unselfish friendliness toward strangers in Texas, as well as genuine curiosity, is orders of magnitude higher in Texas than it is in CA. And I like CA, for the most part. Indeed, I would say that the neighborliness in my home state is unmatched anywhere else in the US that I've been to, and I've traveled through most of the states and Hawaii.


I am not going to say one state is better than the other , but people have the ability to move , even with Cali's inflated cost of living it is crammed with people .

Just about any route you take into Cali, you will go through state after state with no people and as soon as you hit Cali , it is instant civilization.


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