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California v. Entertainment Merchants Association.


Norm something like this would go in the P&WI thread but I don't think they would much care about the topic and I don't think the people that do/should care find themselves in the P&WI thread all that offten.

So "Today, the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case to prohibit the sale of "excessively violent" video games to minors in California"

Reading the opening arguments I found to be fairly entertaining

JUSTICE SCALIA: What's a deviant -- a deviant, violent video game? As opposed to what? A normal violent video game?
MR. MORAZZINI: Yes, Your Honor. Devian...t would be departing from established norms.
JUSTICE SCALIA: There are established norms of violence?

JUSTICE SCALIA: How much do these videos cost?
MR. SMITH: They cost in the range of $50 or $60 when new, Your Honor.
JUSTICE SCALIA: Not too many 13-year-olds walk in with a $50 bill, do they?

If you want to read the transcript or want more info then follow the link.


^ Hell that is just heavy metal all over again. Like the avatar by the way always gives me a chuckle.


and movies, and comic books and the list goes on. The fact that states have been trying to censor different mediums over the last 100 years was brought up by the Defense Counsel. Best line came from Justice Alito "What Justice Scalia is trying to know is, what would James Madison think of video games".