California Strongman Comps?

Any one know of any amateur strongman competitions in California this summer?? All I could find was one in Fresno on 04/19/08. Not sure if I am ready that soon

Far as I know, there’s one later this month and the one on the 19th. That’s the thing that sucks about being out West… strongman ain’t as big as it is in the Midwest. There’s one in NM on 5.10.08 if that helps. Check out and go to the contests page.

Where in CA are you?

You just misseed one in Concord two weeks ago.

There is on in Fresno, April 19. Don’t worry about being ready. Get out and do it, and then you will find what you need to work on. Plus, it’s a great way to meet guys and find a group near you to workout with.

There will most likely be at least one contest in the San Diego area later this year and one in Petaluma (Nor Cal) this summer.

There is one in Phoenix coming up in May also.

The Fresno contest is a good one. The guys in New Mexico and AZ also put on great contests.

good luck.

If you want more info check out for contest listings. Also is good for strongman related info.

let me know if I can help. If you tell me where you are in CA I might be able to get you contact info for guys in your area.

see ya