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California Press vs JM Press? Upper Body Structural Assessment?


  1. What is the difference between a california press and a jm press? Possible video explanation or demonstration please!

  2. If your using the vertical jump similarly to the klatt test as a diagnostic tool what are you using to assess upper body structural balance?


I think the California press is probably the most misunderstood exercise myself included.


Charles Poliquin came up with upper body structural balance via strength ratios based on the bench press

On the close-grip bench press to be exact

Normally we can’t post external links, but this is an excellent video by Stan

Cheers ya I know I just assumed because CT felt the vertical jump was a better lowerbody assesser than the klatt test that he might have found something better than poliquins upper body structural assessments.

I actually use both. I have been using the Klatt test for 15 years. But it requires a more discerning eye, which is why I think the vertical jump is a better test to use with large groups of people especially by coaches with less experience

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Muscle testing (Kendall’s method) is likely the best approach for upper body testing. When testing the upper body I’m not that interested in precise measures and ratios (although I use them with advanced athletes) but rather by obvious red flags like poor activation of a key scapular muscle or a significant left to right imbalance.

Structural balance is an interesting tool but it has its limitations; results can be influenced by training habits and levers and can be very long to do. Furthermore going up to a 1 or 3RM during an assessment cannot be done with everybody.

For upper body I normally use muscle testing for trap 3, trap 2, rhomboids, lats and external rotators and body proportions (wingspan vs. height, ulna vs humerus). These have more direct implications in exercises selection and are easy and quick to do.

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Here’s what I use for proportions

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That’s from one of my seminars on program design

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wow thats cool. Can you often just make a quick eye assessment at this point of where they’re weak based on posture and gait as well?

Yes, I haven’t measured in years because I have the eye for it now. But I still provide values for less experienced coaches.

This gives an even more detailed look at it than just trunk/limb ratio. Thanks @Christian_Thibaudeau for sharing this! This kind of strategy, is it something you apply to muscle/tendon length ratio’s too?

And something else… What is the best way to get an overview of the seminars you give? A while ago I found out you gave a neurotyping seminar in Germany, but it was to late to apply. Could not find the seminar anywhere other than at the organizers website.

I’ve seen upcoming seminars advertised on his personal website thibarmy

what Ive noticed about working out for me is that I don’t feel like I worked out if I do an upper body day especially a shoulder or arm workout. If I squat any variation or deadlift before I do an upper body day I feel like I earned the right to do an upper body workout.