California Needles

What are my options for scoring needles in
California? I did a search on the forum and discoverd that most places won’t ship here. The only way I have come up with is to go to the “needle exchange”. This is “do gooder” organization which gives free needles to junkies, even though it is illegal. Any better ideas? Thank You.

yeah had the same problem here in Canada at one point. Go to your doctors office and when they stick in in the little room, they all have the same offices, go through the drawers and snag a few. Make sure you have a bag with you to hide the transaction.

There is at least one site I know of that will send to CA. For obvious reasons, I can’t post it on an open forum such as this. However, keep looking at the various sites. You’ll probably run across one that places the responsibility for knowing state laws on your shoulders (ie. they play dumb).

I don’t know what size needles are usually used with steriods, but if you know an under grad or grad student in chemistry they may be able to get some for you. At my univeristy we have a stock room that has about every size of needle imaginable.

You’ll want a 23 gauge (or there abouts) and 1 and 1/2" needle. As far as the needle EXCHANGE, it is just that - they only give you a new one for each old one you give them. Good advice as far as searching for websites. There are ones that “play dumb”.