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Fruit pants…fudge packers…


I try to stay away from malls as much as possible, but I occasionally get dragged there by girls, such as yesterday. I share P-Dog’s frustration in that most of the clothing out there does not seem like it was made for me. It was made for some guy with stick legs, spiked bleached hair, J Lo glasses, and a John Deere hat.

“We’re here, We’re not queer, but We’re close, get used to it.” I think part of it is also the modern rock star image that’s popular. And also the emo image. Image is nothing obey your thirst.

this is some seriously funny stuff


this shit cracks me up.

Seriously though. I’m doing some googling on the word.

Based on the definition and usage of the word, Arnold may be the pre-emminent metrosexual in America.

It’s all part of the “feminization” of society.

The politically correct police say It’s wrong for boys to fight. Wrong to ever be aggressive. Wrong to criticize homosexuality (lest you be called homophobic). And wrong to dress like a man, or at least getting more difficult.

Where did it start? More importantly, where will it end?

Zeb, I have to agree with everything you said. Except of course the homosexual thing. Why would I as a straight man want to discourage two guys from pairing up? Do the math. For every gay male couple there are two more uncoupled females in the population. Sure there are are lesbians that make the number crunching more difficult but focusing on extra women is more fun than doing math anyway.


Point taken. But you should still be able to comment on such behavior without fear of personal attack. Agreed?

I think you should be able to comment on anything without fear of personal attack as long as the comments themselves aren’t an attack.

I wish that homos/metros/whatever would actually WEAR their pansy clothing all the time, instead of prancing around with NOTHING on when showing their “Pride” (more like shame) during parades, etc.

Cops seem afraid to enforce certain rules/laws pertaining to public decency for fear of receiving negative press.

I’d be night-sticking people left, right, and centre…

Okay, back to reality.

you dont want to wear the clothes…fine. Wear your baggy pants with your crothe hanging down to our knees and those cool t-shirts with stupid phrases on them, i.e. “bros before ho’s”, or ones with sexual innuendos on them. Just don’t get angry when and call me a fag when i get more women than you do which in all likelyhood i do.

i meant crotch

SteelyEyes, you must have been King Solomon in a past life because you’re one wise dude in this one.

Good thing you straightened that out. I thought crothe was some new slang for dick. That being the case the obvious conclusion is that having a dick that hangs really low wouldn’t get you chicks while wearing semi-gay clothing will.

It depends on the woman. I know one guy that got more than a few dates by sending mixed signals to the girls at work. It was more of a joke than anything but the girls had this thing about finding out for sure. He laid every good looking young thing in the store, which was about 3/4 of the female staff at the time. So if wearing semi-gay clothes works in a similar fashion as the system Dave stumbled onto then you go right to it.

I hate baggy pants myself. Every time I see them I have visons of a toddler with a diaper that needs to be changed. How that can come off as sexy is beyond me, but there are people into scatological sex I suppose.

A lot of the guys I see wearing them are those stick figure built guys. Whip off the clothes and it’s like tossing Grandma’s Pekinese in the pool to reveal how fucking tiny the little anklesnapper really is. Some chicks dig the scrawny dudes too I guess.

I wear pants with the crotch down to my knees for a reason Jake. :slight_smile:

jake is a metro lol.

just because one chooses not to dress like a homo doesnt mean he only wears lame t-shirts.

you can dress nice without looking gay.

Eh, gay guys score chicks.

Where will it all end? My daugther works with a gay guy who dresses like shit. How will the rest of us identify them when some of us dress like some of them and vice versa? This poor shoddily dressed gay man also claims that his gaydar is broken. Over half the time another gay hits on him he doesn’t notice until his straight buddies point it out.

Something is really wrong with our system of stereotypes if this kind of shit is going on.

how do gays hit on one another? i mean how does a gay guy know if the guy he wants to hit on is gay or not?

i would think its pretty risky to go around just hitting on other men.

How DO gay dudes “safely” hit on one another?

Maybe they have a sort of “secret club password” system. One of them starts to put gayness in his voice, and then ever so subtly, lets his hand slump into the classic “limp paw” configuration sported by fags around the globe. If the person receiving this attention gives a threatening stare or asks heterosexist questions, the prowling gayman can claim simultaneous laryngitis and a wrist injury.

That’s just my theory though. I dunno for sure.