im sure this post will offend a few people but oh well.

i went to the shopping mall today to try and buy some new clothes with the gift certificates that i got for christmas. much to my surprise the entire mall has turned gay!

all they sell in the entire mall is meterosexual gear. now im not just talking the typical metero places like abercrombie, im talking all the major department stores.

i walked through the mall 4-5 times and didnt see one stitch of clothing that wouldnt make me like like i just broke solo from some boy band.

wtf is going on here?

Free markets.

Do you part: let it die. Don’t buy there.

There are tons of alternatives.

'Nuff said.

pdog, yes i’ve noticed this too as of the last few years… the only place i can go without feeling gay is pacsun, but then i feel like a teenager…

it’s like all the clothing marketers and designers are gay and all the straight guys in the company are afraid of saying some inapporiate shit… i dunno.


I was looking through my Ironmind catalogue last night. I think I’m going to start buying from stores like that. The have some cool shirts.


A true pimp can wear a pink shirt.


Maybe you should dress in the skins of all those dead stuffed animals you’ve dry-humped to death?

Man, I hear you. I received gift cards for Christmas and went shopping the day after. I was at a few department stores, and I couldn’t believe the stuff they sold for men.

Many of the clothes resemble women’s clothes. They have pants and jeans that are now made of stretch materials or are super tight when you put them on. I was pissed when I tried on different jeans (Guess, CK, Polo) only to find they all looked and fit like girl pants! I finally found two pairs of Man pants (Nautica baggy pants and AE loose fit). It was ridiculous. And some of the shirts weren’t any better.

I want Man clothes. I like Man pants with plenty of room in the crotch, ass and legs. Not some nut-hugging, ass tightening, leg squeezing jeans made for girls!

I dread jean shopping. I found the Mavi jeans to fit me well.

The Metrosexual Southpark Episode was the hit. Season 7, Episode 8.

I feel the pain on this one. My folks got me an Abercrombie coat that was just hideous for Xmas. I returned it and was trying on some jeans and got really pissed off. It appears that clothing designers have forgot anything about men with real legs. All this damn flare jeans crap. It’s great if you’ve got sticks for legs but take a man who squats and the jeans look down right weird. Normally, I wear 30X32s but needed 34s just to get my hYOOOGe ole’ quads stuffed in a pair.

Damn fucking skinny ass meteros need to grow some muscle and design some clothes that fit me!

Ck stretch jeans, fit nicely over the quads and showcase my great ass.

yeah this is the best part. even if i wanted to wear these “metero” clothes i couldnt fit in them anyways.

looks like im gonna have to stick to Big-5 and Target!

I need a 41 inch waist to get my 36 inch waist into dress pants and most casual pants. Old Navy has some jeans that fit me, namely boot cut, but the waits is a little big. As long as my ass is in the pants, the pants will stay up.

Abercrombie is metro? Do you have no clue as to what a metro is? I hate labels but it was coined for me. I like nice clothes not some Abercrombie college-kid crap. If there is any “must-have” metro brands they would be Hugo Boss and Kenneth Cole, for me anyway.

I guess on this board metro means anything you feel is different than your own ideal. What’s a good word for that? xenophopic maybe? We’ll call all of you dirty, poorly dressed guys xeno’s.

“I guess on this board metro means anything you feel is different than your own ideal.”

actually to me metero means a man that dresses like a queer.

I think any real straight man can easily wear a pink shirt without causing any sort of confusion.

I don’t think clothes make the man. Quite the opposite is closer to the case. If you’re a real man you can wear anything and not worry.

On a bet once I wore a pink tutu and leg warmers to a party. It wasn’t just any party, it was a mounted party for Pony Club. The deal was that some PC weenies wanted to cancel the kid’s Halloween party because they worried about the demonic connotations of the holiday. In order to make sure the party got to happen I said I’d dress as a ballerina if they had it. I think a few of the mom’s wanted to see me in that tutu and so the party was a go.

I might have been in pink with leg warmers but the beard, the large tattoos, the muscular build, and my damn fine looking 1200 lb. bay horse kept any comments from the other dads to exactly zero. They might have been in their flannel and jeans but word gets around and I know beyond doubt I get laid way more than those chubby, manly dressed fuckers. I figure if you don’t dampen your own wife’s panties once in a while you aren’t much of a man no matter what you’re wearing.

“If you don’t dampen your wife’s panties once in a while…” – classic.

What a great story, Steely!

I think that clothes don’t make the man, but they sure can help. Women judge us by what we’re wearing. I mean, let’s not turn into a bunch of fruitcakes, here, but it helps to look good in clothes if you want a woman to take off hers. I agree with y’all in that the malls seem to have gotten a little out of hand with the metrosexual fad…

STEELY: I second that.

I have a defensive reaction when I see people investing of too much of anything – whether jewels, high ticket clothing, makeup, time to dress up, metrosexual shit, etc. It usually primes me to seek out whats <i>hidden/wrong</i> in the others character – the exact opposite of what that person was trying to do.

But I must be the exception - Image still sells - how many dumbasses get all giggly when they see the look but never a) what`s under the surface or b) the loaded credit cards that maintain it.

Fashions been around for ages. It wont change. I guess some people need it as much as air. Go figure. Long live the classics. Sure, classic clothing costs more upfront, but like any quality/non-trendy stuff, it actually lasts longer and ends up cheaper in the long run than faddish stuff. As an added bonus, classics don`t have the faggish tint/aura that fashion/hip clothing has.

Tell me what you wear, I`ll tell you who you are. Specially after some conversation and a couple of well targeted questions to see for knee-jerk reactions. Ehehehe. ;0)

if wearing pink is part of a bet, whatever… but if you’re wearing pink to work, to a party, workout, etc… i dunno.

maybe it’s just my circle of friends… but you wont see any of us doing that.

If your gonna wear jeans, wear Wranglers. If you wanna wear $180.00 fruit pants, it’s time to come outta da closet. “Metrosexual” is just a term invented by fudge packers that were afraid to tell their parents they were gay but wanna dress like fags.

avoids, lmao