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California Lab Debuts





Seriously, though, cool cool stuff. Looks like we may be on the verge of a breakthrough in fusion.


anyone else find it scary that Arnold is being mentioned along with lasers? Welcome Skynett



Fusion is easy, super easy, they've done it thousands of times.

Problem is you have to INPUT energy to keep the reaction going, meaning it USES energy.

This isn't very helpful if your trying to power something, they are yet to make a fusion reaction that can actually sustain itself and produce energy.


I foresee plenty of firin ma lazur comments..lol.

Seriously,that is cool as fuck....I am seriously interested in this kind of stuff...thanks for posting.


I want a death star!


Fun, but the maintenance on them is a real pain. Plus, people always try to ruin the fun and blow them up.


My buddy works there and I'm actually taking a tour of the lab tomorrow morning. The NIF is one of the things are going to check out.

Hopefully, there will be some kind of 'accident' that subtracts my intrinsic field and gives me superpowers. Maybe the laser will put me inside the computer or something.


Man, if you guys would just change the location of the exhaust port, you're money.


Just remember to keep your shorts on after the 'accident'. We've all seen enough blue wang for a life time.


very cool, but there will never be free energy, it's not profitable


True, but why does everyone have to mess with the plan? Me and my master were about to turn his bitch ass out but then he had to get all moral on us and fuck everything up...

...it's because he saw his sister in a bikini, wasn't it? I fucking told Palpatine my seed was strong, but he wouldn't believe me.


Yeah, but, if I actually get that power, it's not going it to matter what I'm wearing at the time.

...however, I will keep it in mind for a while.

Seriously, I'm totally going to try to make an 'accident' happen.


Vadar is going to get "accidentally" kicked out, for "accidentally" trying to steal the laser, so he can complete his master plan of creating sharks with lasers on their heads.


Also try to avoid unfortunate smelting accidents.