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California Bound!


Vacation time! I'll be at Gold's, hope to see and meet some fellow T-Nationers!


Sweet, you'll be easy to spot.


which Gold's and when ??? I am up in Mammoth Lakes if you are road tripping it into the mountains...got the bands, chains and releasers ! feel free to contact me, goes for ANY T-Nation people out there...killerDIRK


You better grow a friggin mustache if your coming to my state brah


@Dirk Gold's Gym Venice. SUPER unfortunately not up to Mammoth... perhaps another time =(

When is it NOT peak time if anyone knows?

@greg srsly? I'll have one by Saturday night if thats the case.

Ok, time to pack!


Watch out for this guy


That sounds like a very kinky invitation. I'll bring the lube.


I think we're relatively safe from that guy. Last I heard, he lives in Italy. Then again, we can never be too careful. RAISE THE TERRORIST ALERT SCALE TO ORANGE MERINGUE! Oh wait, wrong colored, bearded guy.


He had a whole thread about his travels to California and working out at Venice beach Golds, sleeping with homeless people on the beach. Even had a video of himself doing lunges.


OH,SHIT! Raise the alert scale to RED!



I knew you were gonna say something about dashboard jesus!


Damn right love that guy


to ethanwest: get your head out of the sewer and then quit curling in the squat rack, lol. I had to go out of my way to be "allowed" to bring in the proper training equipment while a lot of people here are fortunate enough to have a REAL gym to train at...


It's jesus!

And he's toned!


Yeah, anyway...

looks like tomorrow will be the day.

I asked this before but Ill say it again: When is it NOT peak time if anyone knows?

Mutu what time are you usually in there?

Greg? Do you train @ Golds?


Greg is farther south. Lots of good food in LA area. Take vids, you pussy.


Any recommendations around Venice/Santa Monica?

Starving at the moment just woke up so going to Dennys for breakfast (dont have this in NY)


Greg's in San Diego (which of course, translated, means a whale's vagina).


this is true^^

as far as good eats in LA? My fiances brother lives in Venice (actually going up there for some industy party tonight)

If you go to Abbot Kinney there are TOOOOONS of good places to eat. You can also look up a place called "Earth Cafe" Really good food and the restaurant has been featured in lots of shows like Entourage. There's also this place called Lemonade that has some really good food. the pot roast sandwhich thing is so bomb.

also in Abbok Kinney (venice) they have a "Food Truck" parking lot. I think they all open up at night and its a big hotspot for after bar food but There is some great street food there. There was this Mac N Cheese truck.... I got a truffle oil mac n cheese grilled cheese sandwhich... NOM NOM NOM


Seriously though... you have to go check out Abbot Kinney Boulavard... Even if you just go walk around up there and check out some stores and stuff. Its a good time and there is good people watching. Last time I was up there we were eating at Lemonade and my fiances bro stats BSing with this guy at the table next to us. We all chatted and everything, he was a cool guy, and after we left my girls bro says "thats the owner of Diesel" lol