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California Amnesty Program


Now a reprise of that theme is being sounded in California, where State Assemblyman Felipe Fuentes, a Democrat, has proposed an initiative that will permit the nearly 1 million illegal immigrants in the state to live and work openly with little or no fear of deportation.

The measure, called the California Opportunity and Prosperity Act, is being presented as a referendum. On Friday, the proposal was filed with the state Attorney Generalâ??s Office. The billâ??s sponsors will need to collect 504,760 voter signatures in order for the proposition to make the ballot.

The Arizona Daily Star quotes Fuentes as calling the measure a â??moderate, common-sense approachâ?? necessitated by the federal governmentâ??s inability to pass comprehensive immigration reform.


obama should be sueing soon since they are bypassing the federal government right? i mean, that was the reason used when people tried to enforce it.....


Reconquista at it's finest.

The lawsuits should be epic.....what do you want to bet that the Fed's will back this particular state law.


California would need a waiver from Federal Law, Utah tried this and was sued. But it seems that no one is willing to back this financially. Those who want this to get on the ballot need almost 505,000 signatures within 90 days. If that were accomplished, then it would need to be passed by voters. Then it would need the Feds to NOT sue California and stop it.

I am not convinced many people will go for this because they assume Obama will sue. Keep you all posted.


Federal aid to Cali needs to be cut off.
Economically, it doesn't make sense


Bullshit. Deport them all back to the cockroach-infested hell hole they came from. There's millions of Americans who need jobs and you're going to let a bunch of criminals openly work without any questions asked? That's not America.



Only thing wrong with sending them all back indiscriminately, is that we really would have lots of jobs, like field jobs, unfilled. I HATE to be siding with libs on this argument, but it's not far from the truth. My dad's a farmer, he needs help, he pays well..above minimum wage. No one has come to him looking for jobs. Unemployed friends who I told to contact him, non-have. American's don't want to do the work. Now, that's one farm, in one city, in one state, so maybe it's an isolated incident, but Idk.

What does piss me off with all this amnesty shit is rewarding people who break the law. Same with the Dream Act, just award people for breaking the law (or their parents breaking the law). My dad has four workers besides me and my brother during the high point of the season. All four are brothers from Mexico. Two came with their dad, legally, years ago and grew up here. The other two came legally at different times. The brothers are trying to get their fifth brother up here legally, and one of the guys is trying to get his wife up here legally. They're spending a shit load of money on fees and lawyer costs and etc and it's taken years, I think it's almost two years each so far.

I just don't get it. You have people trying to come here legally and they are being bogged down with paperwork. Paying a shit ton of money. Spending all this time. They have law abiding, hard-working, tax paying, legal citizens family already here. And you're gonna make it difficult for them.....and then just go and grant amnesty to all these people who already broke one law in coming here and are probably breaking more. It just bewilders me. How people can have that thought process, it just confuses me.