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California Abolishes Party Primaries


What do you guys think about this development?



Seems like a good idea, but wouldn't it allow two Democrats or two Republicans to run for the same office in the open elections?


That's right....but what are the odds of that? It would be very difficult to get two of the same unless you are a SF district whith less than 10% registerd Republicans.

Really what this does is allow registered folks vote across party lines in primaries. I'm skeptical, but don't see the big benefit or downfall yet, until we implement it.


Understood. Do you think the people would be able to repeal if it does not work in practice?


I don't like government oversight of primaries at all. Parties should be able to do as they wish to determine a candidate, governmental elections shouldn't be part of it at all.


I personally like it , it may not work like I think it will,Time will tell.

But party lines are part of the problem .I think we should find out the way the person stands on all issues then vote based on that rather than some one standing on outdated party lines . I am not saying these issues are not important but look at some of them Gay rights , prayer in school , Abortion thes issues should not be on the front burner of any political party

I am interested in how Minnesota's styl. I like this too, it seems it would give the voter more of a voice


I don't think the state taxpayers should be paying for the primaries of the parties. Let the parties field a candidate on their own dime.


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It might even be unconstitutional


I'm note sure how limiting the actual election to only two candidates passes muster, but these are state elections and they get to determine their own process. I am really curious how this whole thing plays out and how soon they will be trying to correct this idea as well - lol