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Calibrating Exact Amount for a 5ml Syringe for Testosterone

I am trying to micro-dose Sustanon. Earlier I used to do 60mg every 3 days and I had a lot of estrogen build-up along with DHT. So, I decided to split my dosage into the following
Monday - 30mg
Wednesday - 30mg
Friday - 30mg
Sunday- 30mg

Weekly - 120mg
Now, I am using a 5ml syringe and ideally, 30mg comes to 0.124 ml as Sustanon is 250mg/ml. So, here is where I need a bit of guidance. A friend was showing me how to draw the amount and his suggestion was that I should actually draw 0.3ml and only then when I inject at least 0.12ml is sure to inject into my muscle and there will be some leftover in the syringe. Is that an accurate assumption? Should I be drawing a bit more to factor in what will be left in the syringe? Please advise me. @systemlord - eager to receive your advice

Order yourself some slin pins off of Amazon. I like the 27 gauge ones with a 1/2" long needle, but 29 gauge works fine for me too. Virtually no waste. Micro dosing with your syringes results in an unacceptable amount of waste IMO.

@mnben87 -Makes sense. Thank you.

Yes, mnben87 is right. And, I use a .3 ml syringe, 0.5 ml max. Getting the dose right with a 5 ml horse syringe is a challenge. I use 27-31gauge. Used 30-31g for a long time, now use 29G. Easier fill time.