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Calgary thread

Hey Calgary T-men. I am looking to get a thread going for Calagary and area T-men. I know Big_Cheif and lolo are from CAlgary, any others???

From the area. Not so interested in muscle but strength for Judo.

Hey, I am at U of Lethbridge right now Ken, and one of my courses is judo. I am a kinesiology major and at the university we have to take at least 6 physical activity courses, Hence the judo. What level are you at. I am just starting and wouldn;t mind getting some tips to help me perform better in class. We should talk.

If you are interested in learning some more leave me a way of contact. I could help a lot with Ne-wazi. Even possibly get toghether with you for training(relatives in Lethbridge).

Sometimes I wish I still lived in Calgary. Glen Patrick Drive, just off Richmond road.I was a 2 minute walk from the new Gold’s below Signal Hill. Calgary ruled guys.

Ken, That would be great. I would love to get together some time and learn some more about judo or even just talk about weight training or have a training session. You can contact me at [no e-mails allowed - Mod]

Ya, I go to UofC and I’m on the track team (throwing events) any ya’ll go to UofC?


Trained today, throws and ground fighting. I finished every fight with a submission, was not submitted today but close. Ask some questions the Mod edited your contact.

Hello my Calgary brethren!

I used to train at the Gold’s in Canyon Meadows, but I’ve since relocated to the Crowfoot YMCA up in the NW…they’ve got a nice track I can do farmer’s walks in…grin

I like to mixup my training with strongman type exercises, just to add some more “beef” to the frame…

Hey Lolo. ever come down to Lethbridge? That is where I am at right now(for school) I come up to Calgary every once in a while. I think ken and I are gonna get together some time in Lethbridge. Are you interested in that. I would like to meet as many t-people as I can. I would love to talk about training and such with some fellow t-maggers. Let me know what you think.
:slight_smile: Groove

Yah ken. I saw that. The bastards!!! lol I guess we’ll just have to communicate through the forum. Let me know when you are coming down to lethbridge.
:slight_smile: Groove

I’m from Calgary, I train at golds near Signal Hill, although I miss “The Gym”


I am in Calgary, there are a few gyms I train @:
The Oval and U of C
Signal Hill Golds
Lindsy Park
The Gym I have been to one night I loved the Paintings and Art work very cool, but never trained in wink

I havn’t been in ‘the gym’ for about two years. I can’t say I remember the paintings you are talking about. I wonder if it’s changed much

Ok may be I am confused, “The Gym” is the one with the wrestling ring in it?
Is there a “Space Gym” then? I think that’s the one sorry.

So, Grooveless, how exactly do you spell the second part…
is it Toque,
or Tuque?
I just gotta know.

Z-Man, I train 5 days a week at Signal Hill Golds. You’ll find me in the power rack doing deads, squats, cleans and snatches. Of course, that’s after I run off all the people curling in there. I’ve never seen a gym with so few people doing any variety in their training.

Maybe you Canuckleheads figured it out, but you can exchange e-mails via PM.
T-Ren (sorry for invading, kinda the nature of Ontartionians I guess)

T-Ren, the purpose of posting to a thread like this is to bring the lurkers out of the woodwork. If people don’t see others responding to the thread, they may not think anyone is participating. Personally, I think the advent of PMsing on this forum has resulted in a lot of the problems we currently have- few new and interesting posts, few responses and I’m sure it’s affected the dissemination of knowledge and helpful information.

Well, I’m in Edmonton but if you ever come up here I’ll do some Judo with you. It’s been a little while but I still remember how it works. . .