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Calgary T-Cell/Birthday Bash

The conversation went something like this:

Cupcake: “How about we finally get a T-Cell together here in Calgary. We’ve been talking about it for so long I need medication to forget the horrible memories.”

CGB: “Geez, that seems like a huge effort and besides, why don’t we just chat on the phone more often… you know you never call anymore.”

Cupcake: “That’s because of what you did to my dog. The poor thing is still limping around. I should have you thrown in jail.”

CGB: “Ok, technically what I did was illegal, but I never did anything to her she didn’t want.”

Cupcake: “Listen here you creep, you are going to organize a game of paintball on June 14th to celebrate E~Pluribus Unum’s birthday. This will also kickoff the Calgary T-Cell. If you try to weasel out of it, I’m going to post those pictures I took of you and your hamster on T-Mag.”

So, that’s kind of how it happened. Oh, that and E. suggesting it a month or so ago, but you get the picture.

What we’re thinking of is some paintball and food on June 14th here in Calgary. Not sure where yet or what time, but I thought we should first post something and see what kind of response we get. I know there are a bunch of you rogues out there, so now’s the time to step forward. It’ll be fun. Cupcake suggested we start with some nude submission wrestling, but that might be a little much, even though E. and Cass might feel differently. Perhaps we can start with a handshake and a friendly “pleased to meet you.”

Alright, so let’s get this started. TC, I hope the t-shirts and trial-sized bottles of Surge will be here on time. If not, Joe has agreed to sponsor the festivities with some Men’s Fitness ball caps and sweat pants.

Stella, you’ve set the bar awfully high. Maybe you’d care to fly up and show us how it?s done. The only thing I’ve ever organized is a bottle drive and everyone gave us cans.


I’m not one for details but I hate it when a story is repeated missing key details…to whit…

This conversation was immediately after our Interpretive dance class which explains why Craig was in such an agreeable mood. You should see him after pottery night, wow what a difference. So anyway, Mrs. Kursten our teacher always puts Craig in a good mood (I think it’s her Big Boobs)…so this was my time to strike…

It wasn’t a Dog, it was a goat and yes although it sounds like a horrible thing to say, I do believe “she asked for it”

I had previously tried to post the photos in the O/T forum under the title “Hey PETA, how do you like THESE Apples?” but for some strange reason the mods kept rejecting them.

*I think they might secretly belong to PETA but keep that quite will ya?

Although I am still in favour of the NSW :slight_smile:

This is gonna be great!

“It’s the punctilious attention to detail, in a time when nobody even bothers to get the spelling of your name right”

~ Holly Brubach

Goddammit, we need some T-Vixens here in Buffalo. That way I’d be more motivated to start a T-Cell than now which would consist of a buncha guys sitting around scratching our balls.



Just in case anyone needs to know, CGB and I will henceforth be posting as “Laurel” and “Hardy”.

If you are unable to catch the newest posts, please come and see us at the Holiday Inn Express just off I15 beside the “Polka Barn” we show 3 times a night and ladies receive complimentary passes to “Hog Calling Tuesdays” at the Polka Barn courtesy of Big Lou.

Please remember to tip your waitress.

“Mix a little foolishness with your serious plans: it’s lovely to be silly at the right moment”

~ Horace

How much fun is this going to be!
Thanks you two, and great job in fitting bestiality in to the same thread as my birthday!!!
AHHHHHHHHH are you sure it wasn’t an Elk.
I think he started off trying to scrape the velvet off the antlers for it’s T properties and the particles wafted up in to his face causing the instant attraction to such a creature.

Ya that’s what happened!

Oh that pic was from an audition? I don?t own a gun!

Hey fellas (and ladies),

I’ve never posted, just being sitting on the fence for awhile. I live in Calgary as well and in fact I work at lake Bonavista. It’s a pretty nice (private) park in the summer and being a maintenance guy and all I figure I could get just about anybody in here any time. So if any of you like basketball, tennis, swimming, boats etc. feel free to send a line.

P.S. If anyone cares I play ball at the U and shot-put (sometimes hehe)

If you guys and gals play strip paintball I am coming up with solo’s girl.

I just posted that under my wifes alias.lol

Damn you all for organizing this during the summer. Boooooooooooo
Well when I get back to Alberta we will have to organize another get together.
Have fun at this one and Happy b-day(soon) E
:slight_smile: Groove

Hmmm can we trust you 2 with guns?!

Game on, I am in for this one. Sounds like a it could be interestin. Hey cupcake we should see if we can get luke in on this one!

Thanks Grooove~

This is only the begining…
You get to pick the next outting KA?
Where are you again?

"Thanks you two, and great job in fitting bestiality in to the same thread as my birthday!!!

Well, when ya got skills, ya got skills ya know…nudge, nudge, wink, wink. Beside it just seemed, well, natural for some reason. Go figure.

“I think he started off trying to scrape the velvet off the antlers for it’s T properties and the particles wafted up in to his face causing the instant attraction to such a creature.”

I actually have some “NGH” (Natures Growth Hormone) from Deer velvet in my fridge (it was a gift, I swear…) The bottle is almost gone but I don’t think I experienced any Growth from it. I am also pretty sure that I had no untoward Ungulate attraction during it’s use. Just because I inadvertently called out “Yeah, Rudolph, YEAH! Jingle Baby, Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiingle” during sex means nothing.


I am not even going to ask what the Audition was for, I think that the twisted, sick possibilities in the collective Nations mind are going to be better off for the exercise…

“A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman’s birthday but never remembers her age”

~ Robert Frost

Luuuuuke! You bet 454…I need to pick up some Glutamine to see if I can knock down the full body DOMS I am experiencing from that damnable Chad Waterbury’s Diversity program, so I will stop by and speak to him tomorrow…

No, I don’t belive that you can trust the two of us with guns. You had best hope that we are on the same team. This is gonna be trouble…Whoooo!

Solo…can you say ROAD TRIP! well, O.K, it might be a bit far but you are invited…

We need a check in from Cass and Sturat up in the 'Chuck and any others that would like to come down…

“Some men rob you with a six-gun - others with a fountain pen”

~ Woodie Guthrie

Ya I will Probably be over there some time tomorrow afternoon as well to see if he got any skinnier. He is takin a bit of a lead on me now.

I dunno about me and a gun this is the last month of cutting so its gonna be a bit of a bitchy one ;). Not sure you wanna be on the other end on my gun!

What a group we are!!!

Well, I can’t make any promises but I think I could be convinced to drag my sorry behind down there. I think my brother (who’s a regular lurker) could be convinced too.

Though truth be told he looks kind of like a surpised donkey most of the time (big ears, big nose, expression like Ronnie Colman doing Trig) so I’m not too certain that he’d be safe amongst some of the Calgary T-Bretheren given their fondness for quadrapeds. . .

Still, I’ll try and keep you updated but for now it’s a reserved yes.


Sounds like fun, too bad I canna be there. Any plans for the next one?

Z Whats up?
Are you sure you can’t make it?

Sheesh, you mention a birthday bash for a T-Vixen and look what happens :slight_smile:

I promise to stay IN the cake this time until I get the signal. I still blush every time I think about last year’s party. Oh, and I guarantee I won’t wear my elephant G-string this time, either. I thought Cupcake said “come wearing your birthday suit” but it turns out what he really said was “the girls can’t wait to see you, you big handsome brute.”