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Calgary Stampede


Any T-Men/Vixens going to be attending this year?

A few buddies and I are heading up on Friday 8th and staying 'til the 10th.

Should be fun.



Let me know how it goes. Are you from the Calgary area. I was supposed to go skiing up at Lake Louise in Apr. but had to go home to Boston instead. Have you ever done the luge or the skeleton at the Olympic Ice House. Is Calgary a pretty fun city?


I'm from Montana (about and hour from the Canadian border).

I've been to Calgary once a few years back and it was a blast.

I've heard that Stampede is the Canadian equivalent to USA's Mardi Gras.



A Canadian Cowboy Mardi Gras.

You gotta love that idea.



You bet I'm headed there... Kinda easy for me though since I live in Calgary. It's gonna be insane.

Check out Nashville North on the grounds. (It's the big white tent with the huge lineup) If you're headed downtown check out the tents set up by Cowboys or the Roadhouse. Awesome.

As for the Mardi Gras thing... if you can get your hands on some Stampede beads, bonus, but you don't really need beads to get a show. Just wear a cowboy hat... Like they say:

"What happens at Stampede, stays at Stampede."

Keep on rockin' in the free world.


Cowboy hat, eh?

This sounds like something Shugs should be into, being from Texas and all...

Thanks for the tips!