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Calgary Gym Suggestions?

Dear Calgary T-Folk,

I’m living in the SW (but have a vehicle) and am looking for a good, simple, power-rack equipped facility. No need for pool/extra amenities.

Thanks for your suggestions.

envious of all of you lucky Olympic Oval trainees, I was able to use the facility a couple of years ago, and only truly appreciate it now!

Where do you go now?
World Health Club on Southport road, although being a little expensive, is cool because of the hours (24 Mon.-Fri.) and new equip.

Talk to CeeGeeBee. He lives in Calgary and knows alot about the gyms in the area.

I might get clobbered for this but I used to work out at Southland Leisure Centre. I lived out of town but worked in town during the week… it didn’t make sense to have a full membership anywhere when I was only there 3 nights/wk. They had a last call deal from 8:50 - 10 PM for $2. Worked out to less than $25/mo and no long term commitment to the facility. Little frat guys used to do chins in the cages but other than that it was usually like having your own private cage. No pink neon or crap like that but no CJ-92 either. You KNOW there are plenty of quality Calgary gym opinions around this site… even the ones that move away to places like Edmonton or Winnipeg. Good luck.

For a full cage, try:

Westside rec center on 17th Ave and 68th St

Like Steele said, World Health on 37th St and Glenmore

Probodies on 33rd Ave and 20th(?)St

Lindsay Park on McCleod

Also the Universty of Calgary and SAIT (NW)

Golds @ Richmond Road and 50th st just has the “A” frames

I was a World Healther for a while, but had enough. I loved some of WHC’s equipment, and loved that a lot of good stuff barely gets used, but I’ve had terrible experiences with their management and cannot stomach giving them anymore of my $$$.

I’m not familiar with where the Southland Leisure Center’s at, but Probodies and Westside Rec are within a reasonable distance… I’ll check 'em out.

Thanks guys, any other opinions are welcome.

Hi there hj-

National Hy-Performance Training Center***********

This place rocks!
They have about 7 racks with the best bars (spin like butda ;0) with bumper plates in the back
Like the oval but bigger and there is a runing track free weights and streaching mat
all hammer and about 4 or 5 kicking bags a huge boxing ring… just off crowchild in the army area- this is way better then Probodies :slight_smile:

Sait’s peak performance is great but you can’t get in unless you train with their teams. Same with the Oval

Not a huge fan of WHC. Was a member there for a while, but dropped some strength trying to work out with the spotlights they use as “lights”, and the looping NSync/Brittany sound system.

Hmmm I used to live in the SW, and ended up going to Gold’s for a while. Not too bad, but they only played their looping sound system at a much higher volume.

In the end, I bought my own gym stuff and now am lifting heavy @ home in a much more zen environment.

Good luck!

i’ve heard national hy-performance is stellar. a few bobsledders train there and say they love it. i train at MRC which is decent and cheap. plus no one uses the squat racks at MRC! (good luck getting a bench. i would reccommend either MRC or hy-performance. i train at lindsay on occasion but their bars are terrible

hj did you ever work at at GNC store?

someday, eyuzwa, someday…

MRC and Hy-Per are both close, thank you, my three-named friends!

E.P.U – what do you pay @ Hy-Per?

P.O.I. – did/do you?

If it is olmpic lift platforms you want and training with high end athletes then check out PEAKPOWER at S.A.I.T They even have a website with a virtual tour of the gym the site is www.sportdevelopment.com…Another place to check out is on Centre st and 16th Ave north at a gym called Destination Perfection…Great gym but does have a few roid boys there, but they check their ego’s at the door and are pretty good for advice and spots…

There was something great about the feel of the old Lindsay Park (b4 the renos)…the plates all had a bit of a rusted tinge, there was a mix of hammer strength and slightly-rusting squat cages which gave the place a certain mystique and promoted them “hard core” feelings.

Stay away from Gold’s on Richnmond Road, whatever you do. Westside Rec Centre is good for cages, as Malcolm says, but the equipment is poor and there are lots of kids some times. Probodies is old and the guy running it needs to crack open his wallet and buy some collars. I mean, ask groove about this. You’re squatting and the plates move side to side about 12 inches. He says it’s a “results gym.” I say drop 50 bucks on collars. Downtown Y is poor. WH on 37th St is perhaps your best bet since you don’t want to pay for extra stuff, or else I’d recommend Westside.