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Calgary Festival of Strength


Hello all,

On Saturday October 1st Calgary will be hosting the first competition of it's kind in Canada. There will be a:
Strongman Competition
Olympic Weightlifting Competition
Powerlifting Competition
and a Kettlebell Sport Competition

If you are interested in competing or watching, check out:

All proceeds generated for the event go directly back towards improving strength sports in Alberta.




Hopefully Ill be able to comem down. just need to find a gym thats not across the entie city, to train at thats not "special"


Thanks fellas, hope to see you all down there!


Good luck with the competition, I will make it down if the studies permit.




Just a followup for everyone, here is a highlight reel of how it turned out:


We had something similar in Toronto in June; the Toronto Super Show at the Convention Centre. It also had body building, figure, combat sports etc. We were kind of back to back with the Olympic lifters. It was a blast. Hopefully we'll be doing it again next year.

It was awesome having random people walk by and watch you warm up and later come up to you and ask you about your sport.

Your's was a mix of classic and equipped too right?