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Calgary, Canada; Read This

Do you know anyone that sells Winstrol or Deca, I got alot of training behind me. I know everything about it, mostly. no one i know sells it or on it. message me back. we will talk some more

Hey man at least send a pm.

I really think they need to reconsider removing that rule against requesting/posting sources. This can only lead to bad things.

I think if you weight 140 lbs and have been training for 5 years, you really have no idea what you’re doing.


Hey bro, Since your a Canadian, I’ll throw you a bone:

I recomend that you use Nandrolone phenylpropinate instead of deca, as it will clear your system in about 2 weeks (rather than 6-8 weeks) after your cycle is finished making it much easier for you to recover.

NPP and Winny is a good combo for a first cycle, as the side effects should be low.

LOL, I bet i stronger then you, keep talking big, people would believe you in T-mag, i don’t.