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Calf Work

I have been doing calf work lately but only really feeling it in my lower calf. I am doing ABBH and doing both seated and standing calf raises. Is there a particualr way I should position my feet or anything else I need to do to hit the medial head of the Gastrocnemius?

Use the standing calf machine. Point your toes inward and point your toes outward. These two positions are supposedly specifically targeting the different parts of the gastrocnemius. To me it seemed that both parts were worked. When you do the motion be sure to go up as HIGH as you can and hold for a second or two and go as LOW as you can and also hold for a second or two. I would do as many reps as you can (it will hurt - it did me).

Another thing you can try - as it sure worked for me. Use an elliptic stepper machine. When you step onto the foot pad be sure to put your toes on the very back end. You will be on your toes. Use this machine for a half hour at the highest level you can do. For the next few days I had DOMS and my gastrocnemius muscles were in pain.