Calf Work

Does anyone do any additional calf work? I’m hesitant to add to the program but mine are like match sticks.
Currently doing the off-season for mass template from 5/3/1 for powerlifting.

Yep. I’m on my second run through 531 BBB. I insert a few sets of one legged calf raises in to my assistance work. Five sets of 10 reps, nothing really heavy. As Jim writes, get the volume in, get a pump, get out.

Hills with a weight vest.

Fat guys usually have big calves. I figure there’s a lesson there…

I’ve lowered the conditioning work whilst on the mass program, it’s a 2 mile up hill walk to the gym with my gym gear, so there & back on training days & cycle another 3-4 miles a day to the gf’s.

[quote]some_dude wrote:

Fat guys usually have big calves. I figure there’s a lesson there…[/quote]

I believe that theory, I’ve always thought fat women get such big arms from all the grocery bags they carry from the store.

Sled dragging helps too, and doubles as conditioning if done right.

I like to do calf raises with the barbell. Hold it like you’re doing front squats and put a light to moderate amount of weight on the bar. To make it harder, throw 2 plates on the ground to put your toes on to increase the range of motion. I do this on my DL or squat days. Gets a good pump in the calves and also will get some good work in the core.

The GPP/cardio that is built into the program (2 mile weight-vest walks, prowler or hill work) should take care of your calves. I’m lucky enough to have a sled at the gym I train, so I finish lower body sessions with 30 mins of prowler work twice a week, and I walk on saturday with the weight vest for 2 miles.

Just do 2-3 sets while you do your warm-up on squats

If you’re running, doing loaded carries, plyometrics and prowler pushes you probably don’t need additional calf work. That said, if the weekend rolls around and I’ve completed all 4 days of my BBB template I allow myself a “Calves, Traps, and Arms Day” which is exactly what it sounds like. I’ll superset standing and seated calf raises until I feel burned out… But that’s only if I’ve done all 4 days of BBB that week… Bottom line is you don’t need 'em but why the heck not if you’ve got time?