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Calf Work and I,Bodybuilder?


I noticed that the only calf work listed in I,Bodybuilder is during the Leg Phase. My question is, should I do only the exercises listed for calves or should I incorporate another routine for calves that is outside of I,Bodybuilder?

Thanks in advance and the program is awesome!!! I've just started the program and I have had 3 of the hardest workouts in a long time!!!


No alterations from the program are necessary.


Ok, just curious. My calves are my weakest bodypart and due to genetics, I really have to work them. I trust in the program, but i was curious because I had seen posted by Christian that you could do ab programs outside of I,Bodybuilder. So, I was curious if it applied to calves, as well.

Thank you for your reply and your help.


CT has indicated that you can do forearm/calf work at will as it typically does not impede recovery. As an example, I perform calves every session and my bw, strength has gone through the roof.


Great! Like I said, I have to pund them to make them grow. I will continue to do so, but at the end of the workout so as to not effect any other lifts.