Calf training

Do any of you train calfs seperate;y or do you get enough work with squats and other leg work.

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My calves have been 18 inches since i was 16 years old. I havent worked calves in years.

If I feel like it and have the time I will throw in 4-6 sets on the weekends.

I don’t think they have much carryover to squat or DL strength.

what the fuck is this forum? being strong, yet still having our number 1 priority being bodybuilding. fuck.

Landon, way to overreact before even realizing the situation. Fuck. I am definetly not a “bodybuilder” and I have never actually trained my calves before. I wanted to know if anyone here saw fit to train their calves TO INCREASE THEIR SQUAT OR DEADLIFT
Wow, but you really added alot to the discussion with your post. Way to be cheif

haha, no problem. I didn’t realize you weren’t a bodybuilder. Maybe I should of checked your previous posts in the westside forum.

I think I get you and glute spanker mixxed up sometimes. regardless, whatever.

When doing glute ham raises, your calves get rocked. but I don’t believe there is any carryover to your lifts.

No hard feelings Landon. I don;t like to be labelled as a bodybuilder :slight_smile:
Me and GS eh??? I don;t see it but hey maybe the names trip you up. Anyways its cool

landon evans, do you dream of me?

If you want some calf work while still training like a powerlifter, drag a sled and you will feel it plenty in the legs. Also glute ham raises also stess the calves.

Correct me if Im wrong, but squating/deads needs the calves only as stabilizers in all of the rom right? especialy powerlifting squat, where the ankle is almost not moving.

stabilizing 700lb is a bitch though… :slight_smile:


I have been working the hell out of my calves for the past few months, and they have blown-up. I only work them once a week, but have had great results. A freind gave me this routine, and I switch it every week between seated calf raise and standing on the smith machine. He may have gotten it off of T-Mag, but I don’t know

1 Stack and strip set (I use 45 lb plates for standing , and 25 for seated) for as many reaps as possible, for four intervals up and down.


2 plates X Max
4 Plates X Max
6 plates X Max
8 plates X Max
6 plates X Max
4 plates X Max
2 plates X Max

For the strip part, do as many as you can, until you can’t move anymore, even if it is a partial.

It has really worked for me