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Calf training

I need some advice on how to train my calves. I have always had trouble putting any size on my calves and therefore often neglect them because I have had a feeling that they just won’t grow. They aren’t in any way in proportion to my biceps sixe, which I have always heard should be abou the same size. My biceps are 18 inches, but my puny calves are only 16. Anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do.

Just a place to start… Also, JC#10 posted on this a while ago. Try doing a search on “100 reps”.

What do you do now for your calves? I would assume that you don’t have issues putting on weight in other areas? Read through the stuff ~karma~ suggested and try it all. The best my calves ever looked was back when I cheated during a lot of my sets. Some people say only strict reps work, so you’ll have to find what works for you. The best routine that worked for me was working them twice a week. I would do 4 sets of each of the following exercises: calf presses on leg press machine, standing calf presses (machine), and seated calf raises. I would generally do a lot of weight for a lot of reps. My first set on the leg press machine would be for 20-30 reps, then I would work down to single digits (6-9) on my last set. At the gym I was at, they only had 300 lbs on the standing calf press machine, and that wasn’t a whole lot for that machine, so I would start at 30 reps and work down to about 25. I also did a lot of one leg seated calf presses, as I was a little scared of getting both of my calves stuck under 5 45’s. You may also wish to find a sport that works them for you. Basketball worked for me, but from looking at upper-level basketball players, it’s definitely not guaranteed.

What about the Luke Sauder calf routine? A friend of mine is using that with some success. Another thing you could try is doing a minute up and minute down on the leg press (using your calves of course). That burns like all hell. The Pop em Out Muscles Article had some calve stuff, as does Don Alessi’s train for your frame. As a side note you could try the following: train your calves alternating pyramid and 5x3 every other day while doing 5x15 in between those days. I did that for my chest (and while I know the types of fibers are different it might be the shock you need for your calves). I wouldn’t do that for more than three weeks and then see how you are.

remember that calves are like any other muscle group in that you need to train them with: frequency, intensity, and proper motion. usually people don’t do one of these and their calves lack. Remember that you need to do bent leg raises to hit the soleus, and straight leg raises for the gastrocs. Use various rep ranges and intensity ranges. Prioritize your calves if you feel they are lacking. do them first in the workout. I like to do calves after a squat workout because it sort of keeps blood in a the lower part of the body and because i get a good calve stretch during my full squats and front squats. laters pk

I agree about the Luke Sauder routine. It is in issue #1.

I believe this was mentioned in a ‘pop-em out muscles’ article (paper mag?), and it’s worked well for me,… I train the soleus before the gastrocs (similarly, I now train the brachialis before the biceps).