Calf training at home..


Just wondering what are the best calf excercises for use in a home gym situation.

I have been doing standing raises in a power rack but you get less ROM than you would with a traditional calf machine/leg press etc.

donkey raises with weight on a dip belt or a fine chick on your back, jump rope, calf raises in a stairway, etc.

Try doing this combo. Do as many strikt onelegged standing calfraises as you can, with no rest continue with donkey raises, no rest, jump on one leg. Repete with other leg. Do it 3-4 times per leg.

When you do the standing calfraises in your power rack, stand on a block for a better strech.

try putting some weights on the ground and step on them to increase the range of motion of the calf raises in the power rack. you can also incorporate this technique sitting down and just putting weight on top of the knee to simulate donkey press with full range of motion. laters pk


No fine chick for my back so I’ll have to make do with standing barbell raises with a block or dumbell raises.